Why Are BMX Bikes So Small? (Perfect Explanation)

BMX bikes are not just small in size; there are several reasons why they’re designed that way. However, most people believe they’re made only for kids. But the fact is, they’re not used only by kids today but are popular among youngsters also.

Not only are they made in frames smaller than the size of other bikes, but their wheels are also very small. However, BMX bikes are made in sizes suitable for several ages and persons as tall as 6 feet and above.

This article will explore why they are made to be so small and the advantages and drawbacks of using a small BMX Bike.

Why Are BMX Bikes So Small?

Why BMX Bikes Are So Small?

As stated earlier, there are good and tangible reasons why BMX bikes are so small. Asides from the fact that the size fits perfectly for the purpose it is made for. These reasons include:

Weight Reduction

Riders are known to be on the lookout for lightweight bikes because they enhance their speed and ability to withstand landing repeatedly after jumps. Research asserts that BMX bikes weigh between 10- 28 pounds which is light enough compared to a traditional bike.

Ability To Do Bigger Jumps

BMX bikes are built in such a way that makes them last in the air. Aside from the rear brake attached to them for jumps, their small sizes also help a rider to do bigger jumps easily. Jumps are significant in BMX races and the freestyle BMX.

To Perform Advanced Stunts

This reason is not far-fetched from the second reason. It is the ability to do bigger jumps that will enhance the performance of stunts. The longer a bike last in the air, the better a rider can perform tricks and stunts such as back or front flip and a host of other tricks that viewers love to see the riders perform.

Speed and Acceleration

BMX bikes are made with components that are not weighty, and these make it possible for the bikes to speed fast and accelerate better. In cases where riders have to race and cross the finish line before others, the size enhances the speed and chances of winning the game.

They Were Initially Made For Kids

At invention, BMX bikes were made for children between ages 6-17. Gradually, adults began to use them, but this didn’t cause the bike to be redesigned. They have, however, advanced the invention by increasing the frame size and the wheel size to fit many sizes and different ages.

It is now possible to purchase bikes as it fits the rider’s size even better. You may get a customized one if you feel that the bike is too small.

Advantages Of Using BMX Bikes

BMX bikes are sought after by many people, and this can be attributed to the advantages they offer to users. Most of its advantages include:


Even though BMX bikes are made up of light weighted components, they can withstand and support a lot of weight without getting damaged. When they are used in games, riders jump so high and repeatedly land, yet, they stay undamaged.

Easy Transportation

BMX bikes are easy to transport from one place to other. Its small size allows it to take up just a little space. They can also be folded up and taken wherever.

Perfect For Stunts And Tricks

BMX bikes are solely made for this purpose. They are designed and very suitable for stunts and tricks. They are easily maneuvered to perform stunts, and they have shorter cranks that enable clearance when tricks are being performed.

They Are Pocket Friendly

Compared to traditional bikes, BMX bikes are cheaper, in fact, more affordable than many other bikes in the market. It is a general belief that it is much cheaper because it is mainly for stunts and tricks.

They Are Lightweight

BMX bikes have a small frame, and this makes them light, and the implication of this is faster acceleration, higher jumps as well as easy transportation.

Drawbacks Of Using BMX Bikes

Despite all the advantages of BMX bikes, some pitfalls caused some people not to go for it. Some of these are:

They Are Not Suitable For Cruising

Cruising involves long rides, and BMX bikes are not meant for long rides. They don’t have comfortable seats; as a matter of fact, their seats are low, and they are not made to be sat on. Also, their wheels are of small size. It is advisable to choose other types of bikes if the purpose of riding is to go on long rides.

They Cannot Be Used For Hill Or Mountain Climbing

BMX bikes are not built with shock absorbers, making them unsuitable for hills and mountain climbing. Moreover, using it for this purpose will create knee injury to the rider.

They Are Not Burden Bearers

BMX bikes cannot carry heavy items; they are not made to carry many things. Another bike should be considered for this purpose because BMX bikes cannot be loaded heavily

Why Do BMX Bikes Have Small Wheels?

Some BMX bikes have wheels as small as size 15″ to 16,” but the standard ones range between size 20″ to 24″. Here are some reasons why BMX bikes have small wheels:

Lightweight And Faster Acceleration

Research proved that small wheels have fewer spokes, and as a result, they have less fiction than larger ones. Olympics BMX racers use small wheels for racing, and casual riders also find it easy to ride in traffic as they might want to stop repeatedly.

They Are Portable

Wheels of BMX bikes can easily be transported when traveling with the bike. You can easily put your BMX wheels into the trunk of the car. Likewise, they can be kept anywhere, whether in an apartment or a garage. It takes less space and helps owners save space.

Easy Movement

Small wheels make flat land tricks simpler. They create a more maneuverable bike. Their sizes make them more responsive to steering. There are much more helpful on wet surfaces and when sudden turns happen. It makes the bike studier as a whole.

Suitable For Short Riders

Small wheels don’t just allow a short adult rider to get  on and off easily but also allow them to have what is called “a handlebar-to-saddle height relationship which is proportional to that; of a tall rider.”

Is a 20-Inch BMX Bike Small?

20 inches is the average BMX bike size, and generally, a rider should be at least 5 feet 3 inches tall to ride a 20-inch BMX bike. However, it’s not the standard bike for BMX racing or professional riding. Instead, It is best suited for an intermediate rider.

An adult can ride a 20-inch BMX, and anyone weighing between 110- 150 Pounds can ride a 20-inch BMX bike, but it will be uncomfortable for anyone that weighs 200 pounds and above, and such persons should go for PRO extra large.

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