What Size Inner Tube For 700x35c

What Size Inner Tube For 700x35c Tires? (Explained)

When you look for bike tires, we generally refer to a tire’s sidewall to determine the size of the inner tube. This area houses the printed information where manufacturers provide the recommended tire specifications to ensure the best riding experience.

Inner tubes are an integral part of a tire system that provides durability and stability to the overall structure. However, inner tubes vary in size based on their air-filling capacity. In short, you will have to pick the right size for your tire to function smoothly.

So what size inner tube for 700x35c? If you’re wondering which inner tube size would fit in 700x35c tires, you have landed on the right page. This article will help you determine how to choose inner tubes for a 700x35c tire.

What Size Inner Tube For 700x35c

What Size Inner Tube For 700x35c Tires?

Generally, tires follow the millimeter standards to depict the recommended measurements. So, if you witness a printed instruction on your tire’s sidewall saying “700x35c,” it means that you have to get an inner tube with similar sizing (700×35-42.)

Let’s break down the numbers and letters in a 700x35c tire to help you understand further.


Most manufacturers use the old ‘French system’ to measure a bicycle tire, which means most of the tires depict their dimensions using millimeters. Furthermore, the first number in a tire measurement system usually refers to the diameter of the bicycle tire in millimeters.

In short, the number ‘700’ indicates the tire’s diameter in a 700x35c tire.


The letter ‘x’ in a tire like 700x35c simply means multiplication, where the tire diameter multiplied by its nominal width will provide the overall measurement.


The number ‘35’ indicates a tire’s nominal width in millimeters.


The letter ‘c’ that sits at the end of a tire’s measurement figures is the width code for the tire. It follows the French system to categorize a tire’s width. Earlier, other letters like (a) and (d) were also used to categorize tires with different widths.

However, this classification is not evident in modern tire classification.

But what does 700x35c mean in inches? Since most tires use the old French system to identify tire measurements, you will find most of these tires measured in millimeters.

Thankfully, converting measurements like millimeters to inches is an effortless task, as all you have to do is convert the measurements using a web search.

In simple terms, 700 millimeters equal 27.5 inches, while 35 millimeters will translate into 1.4 inches. You can use this process to get answers to other questions like what does 700×38 mean in inches.

How To Choose An Inner Tube For 700x35c Tires

As mentioned earlier, picking an inner tube for tires is a straightforward process as most manufacturers provide these details on their tire’s sidewalls.

However, you have to consider various things before picking an inner tube to get the best results.

Avoid overstretching

One of the most significant qualities that you need to consider is to avoid pinching or overstretching. Since pinching or overstretching your inner tube can cause punctures, it would be best to choose a suitable material and size to get the best riding experience.

Consider riding style

Besides tires, inner tubes also play a significant role in suiting your riding style. So, choosing an inner tube made with durable material is vital to suit your riding style.

For instance, if you love competitive racing, picking an inner tube that will balance the overall weight of your bike will suffice your needs. Likewise, mountain biking enthusiasts will love to have a puncture-resistant inner tube that will help them boost performance.


Picking an inner tube made with high-quality and durable material will help you get the most out of your riding experience. Generally, there are two inner tube types prominent among most manufacturers – Butyl and Latex.

While Butyl is a resistant and strong material, standard for the industry, avid bicycle riders prefer latex due to its superior handling characteristics. Furthermore, latex inner tubes weigh less than butyl tubes, making them faster with lower rolling resistance.

What Size Inner Tube Should You Choose For A 700x35c tire?

As mentioned earlier, most manufacturers provide detailed information regarding tire and inner tube sizes on their tire sidewalls.

However, if you are a beginner and have less knowledge regarding the old French system, you might find it challenging to pick the right inner tube size.

Thankfully, picking an inner tube for a 700x35c tire isn’t that hard, as all you have to do is pick tubes that say 700×35-42. These tubes work well for tires ranging from 35mm to 42mm wide.

Furthermore, thicker tube walls offer better protection from nails, thorns, and other sharp objects while you ride.

For instance, Co-op Cycles’ (700×35-42) inner tube comes with a tough and thorn-resistant design that offers excellent protection from sharp objects on different surface conditions. Additionally, these tubes feature Schrader valves that are generally standard for car tires.

In short, you will have no issues using this inner tube with your 700x35c tires.

How To Replace The Inner Tube On Your Bike

Installing or replacing an inner tube requires some basic knowledge and a suitable kit. You will also require tire levers, preferably plastic ones, and a pump for the job.

Here are the steps you need to follow to replace an inner tube.

  • Remove the bike wheel from the frame.
  • Determine the cause of puncture or flat.
  • If the tube is beyond repair, replace the old one with a new unit.
  • Once you install or repair the tube, fit the wheel back on the bike.

If all goes well, you should have your tube replaced or repaired within 45 minutes. Additionally, you can contact a professional to fix your bike tire if you do not have the essential tools.

Final Thought

Inner tubes are an integral part of your tire that also enhances your ride quality. However, picking the wrong option will overstretch the tube, inviting punctures to invade your riding experience.

SWe hope that this article has answered this question and will help you pick the right option with minimal fuss.

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