What Size Inner Tube Do I Need For 700x25c Tires – Get The Answer Here 

Unless your bike has a tubeless tire, an inner tube is an indispensable component that makes a big difference in the overall biking experience. Inner tubes of road, gravel, or mountain bikes are easily replaced, readily accessible, and affordable.

However, working out, ‘what size inner tube do I need for 700x25c tires‘ can be tricky, especially for beginners. This is because inner tubes need to fit the diameter of the tire and, of course, have the right material of construction for your needs and many more. 

So here’s the answer to what size of inner tubes you need for your bike.

What Size Inner Tube Do I Need For 700x25c Tyres

What Size Inner Tube Do I Need For 700x25c Tyres?

Half the job of figuring out the right inner tube for your bike is knowing what dimensions of tire you are working with. You have an edge if you already know that your bike is 700x25c in diameter. The next thing is to figure out what inner size tube you need for this particular sized bike. 

For those looking for what size inner tube I need for 700x25c tires, you have two options for inner tubes – look for tubes that measure 700 x 19-25c and 700 x 25-28/32c. For traditional road tires, 700×19-25c inner tubes are a standard fit, while the 700 x25-28/32c is ideal for bikes with wider tires. 

Note: Inner tubes with the measurements mentioned above will also work for bikes labeled ETRTO 622 or ISO 622, which is the international/European standard equivalent to 700c. You just have to correct the valve stem for the tube to fit the tires perfectly.

The inner tube should fit not only the diameter of the wheel but also the width of the tyre because of the following reasons:

  • Diameter of the wheel: It is also called the circumference and varies from one type of bike to the other – the most common ones include kid’s bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and touring bikes. 26-inch wheels are one of the most common in road and mountain bikes, but 27.5 and 29-inch wheels are also available. 
  • Width of the tire:  Road bike tires are available in both wide and narrow widths. However, other bikes, such as cross-country bike tires, usually are narrow, while mountain bikes have wide tyres. 

If the inner tube is not right for your 700×25 inch bike, you need to deal with either of these two problems – too big and there will be an extra tube you need to fit into the tire, or too small, and you need to inflate the tube to its maximum capacity to fit the tire. 

How Do I Find Out What Size Inner Tube I Need For 700x25c Tyres?

To find out the ‘what size inner tube do I need for 700x25c tyres’ answer, there are two options:

  • One, check the sidewall of the tires – Most manufacturers print 700x25c on the side wall on road bikes. The usual numbers stamped on the tires in mountain bikes look like 26×1.9. In the newer bikes, the tires also bear other numbers and markings, but those are not important. 
  • Second, check the specifications of your bike on the original package where the bike was delivered. Additionally, the retail store where you bought the bike or the brand’s website will also have the bike’s specifications through which you can figure out what inner tube size to get. 

However, the second option to find the inner tube sizing does not apply if you have modified or changed the specifications of the bike or the tires after you bought it. 

The above two tips also apply if you want to know the inner tubes for 700x40c tire size in inches or millimeters. 

What If I Don’t Find An Inner Tube With The Exact Specifications?

Finding the exact specifications of tubes for bike tires can sometimes be tricky. This is because the nominal values of inner tubes do not match the tires in many cases. It is quite possible to buy an inner tube with the right specifications on the box and receive an inner tube with different specifications. 

Manufacturers can also send in inner tubes with mismatched labels in some instances. 

However, the inner tubes of bike tires are made of rubber, which is very flexible and can be inflated to a great size without tearing. This is the reason why 700x23c inner tubes can easily work with 700x25c tyres.

In fact, some cyclists deliberately use an inner tube that is one size smaller than the recommended size. Smaller tubes are easier to inflate and install, which can be a great advantage while riding. In addition, a smaller inner tube spare is also easier to carry since it is lightweight and can easily fit into a backpack.

Can I Use A 700x23c For A 700x25c?

Technically, a 23c inner tube is smaller than a 25c, which means it is not the recommended size. With a smaller inner tube, you can experience the issues of getting a flat quickly, and the patch on the inner tubes will not stick to the tires as easily. Besides, the more air you put in the inner tube, the thinner it becomes, so it compromises the performance and longevity. 

However, if getting a 700x25c inner tube is not an option, you may use a 700x23c for the same. The nominal difference between the two tubes is 2 millimeters, which is not a lot. But because you need to inflate the tube considerably bigger than its recommended size, don’t expect it to last all day or win you a riding competition. 


If you ask what size inner tube do I need for 700x25c tires, look for the tubes with the exact specifications. The sidewall of the bike tires or the brand’s website is a surefire way to find the right tubes.

Fitting the right tubes in your road bikes is not only essential for comfort and safety. The bike tires perform better and make them more resistant to punctures. In addition, the tubes and the tires will last a lot longer, which will save you time and money in the long run. 

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