Trek Navigator 200 Review

Trek Navigator 200 Review (Best Guide For 2022)

If you’re in for bike shopping recently, you will be surprised by the availability of different bikes in the market these days. Some of these bikes have particular purposes or satisfactions they give riders, while individuals choose what best suits them. Most bikes are road, mountain, touring, fixed gear, hybrid, cruiser, comfort, racing, and more.

However, if you’re a kind that loves to go around the neighborhood or on a not-too-long trip, a comfort bike may be the best option for you. Nonetheless, one of the most famous comfort bikes is Trek Navigator 200.

Keep reading to know all the detailed information about Trek Navigator 200, including all the pros and cons.

Trek Navigator 200 Review

Trek Navigator 200

Trek Navigator 200 is a comfortable bike with a comfortable saddle for a purely plush ride. It was made with an RST suspension fork, shock-absorbing Seatpost, and a simple frame design.

The wheels of Trek Navigator 200 are strong and durable alongside its tire. You can ride it on any terrain, including paved and unpaved roads. If you want to go for a trial, the trek Navigator 200 is suitable, as it has mountain bike tires. However, the trek Navigator 200 is ideal for short distance compared to long-distance bikes.

What Kind Of Bike Is A Trek Navigator?

Trek Navigator is a brand designed and manufactured by Trek Bicycle Company for riders who love to commute and enjoy outdoor activities like mountain and road biking. You can decide to leave the pavement and get on a trail with Trek Navigator because it has smooth-rolling tires that support superior traction. Therefore, with Trek Navigator bikes, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck while traveling through rough terrain or gravel road.

Moreover, the Trek Navigator bike has an outstanding frame. It was made with Alpha White Aluminum Frame, a special modern frame that is more comfortable for cycling. Overall, Trek Navigator bikes are for comfort and fun riding.

Trek Navigator 200 Specifications

Here are precise and detailed specifications for Trek Navigator 200 bike.

Trek Navigator 200 Specification

Bike front tire26 X 1.95[inches] Bontrager Comfort
Bike rear tireNot Available
Bike wheel size26[inches] wheels
Brakeset typeProMax Linear – Pull Levers ProMax Linear –  Pull Brakes
Hubs for disc brakesQ and R Aluminum
Rims ManufactureMatrix 550
Spoke nipples typeNot Available
Spoke wheel14ga. Straight Gauge stainless steel
Bicycle Chain½ x3/32 [inches]
Bottom Bracelet type shell widthNot Available
Gear shift leversSRAM Verio
Rear gear set14 -34 Teeth 7 – Speed
Crankset Parts and sizes28/38/48 Teeth Sunrace FC – M35
Bottom bracelet typeNot Available
Frame MaterialAluminum
Frame typeTIG – welded
Handlebar ConstructionRise steel
Handlebar extenderOptional
Handlebar stemAdjustable Aluminum
Headset size11/8 [inches]  Sealed Mechanism
Derailleur [front]Shimano CO51
Derailleur [Rear]Shimano Acera
Fork MaterialSingle Triple – clamp crown Aluminum
Fork type2.0 [inches] Travel RST CT COM CL
Saddle seatTrek Webspring Comfort
Seat post extensionSuspension Aluminum
WeightNot Available
ColorsBlue, Silver
Component group setsHybrid Mix
Pedals detailsResin Platform
Rear shock AbsorberNot Available
  Available size    14.5[inches] 16.5[inches] 18.5[inches] 21[inches]

Trek Navigator 200 Features 

There are some basic features that deferential Trek Navigator 200 from others. Here, I’ll explain them in detail.

Handlebar Stem

The handlebar stem of Trek Navigator 200 is adjustable. It’s also referred to as an adjustable stem. However, adjustable stems are stems you can adjust up and down without removing them from the bike.

Since you can adjust your handlebar to your size and comfort, you should be able to sit upright and ride comfortably. Moreover, the handlebar stem is made of Aluminum material.


The most available colors for trek Navigator 200 is blue and silver. This is why it’s one of the most beautiful bikes. You don’t just have comfort riding it, but you can take it anywhere without feeling ashamed also.

Saddle Seat

Trek Navigator 200 saddle seat offers a webspring saddle seat that uses multi-stage paddling supported by a web of shock-absorbing springs. The seat are made with plush materials that give comfort to riders without causing buttocks pain or back pain. The seat is comfortable because Trek Navigator 200 is designed for riders’ comfort.

Wheel Size  

The wheel size for Trek Navigator 200 is 26 inches. Just because it’s built for leisure and comfort, it tends to have a silver top speed which makes the riders ride comfortably without stress.


Trek Navigator 200 is made with an RST suspension fork. The suspension fork makes tough terrain easily handled without stress and gives maximum control with a comfortable ride for riders. In case you want to move in an unpaved area or gravel area, the suspension gives your bike stability and a more capable absorbing ability to ride through bumps or holes.


Trek Navigator 200 is made with TIG welded frame, and as you know, TIG welded is one of the most common types in most bikes today. Moreover, TIG welding is more accessible and cleaner than brazing.

Also, you can’t use brazing for Aluminum material as Trek Navigator 200 bike frame is Aluminum. Therefore, TIG is the best option to use.

Available Size

Trek Navigator 299 bikes are available in different sizes, including 24.5( inches)/38.83 cm, 26.5( inches)/41.91 cm, 18.5(inches)/46.99 cm, 21(inches)/53.34 cm, and different sizes for women, 24.5 ( inches), 16.5 ( inches), 18.5 (inches) respectively.

Bike Chain

Trek Navigator 200 bike chain size is 1/2 X 3/32 (inches). However, irrespective of the chain brand or model you get, make sure you’re lubricating it to prolong the lifespan and smooth running of the bike.

Moreover, you need to prevent the bike from water or excessive rainfall so the chain won’t rust easily. Nonetheless, water will still touch it, but don’t make it excess and consistent.


The majority of Trek Navigator 200 bikes are made with Resin Platform pedals which allow easy grip and movement. The pedal is lightweight and durable, and it’s most suitable for rough terrain and trail riding. The shape is stable and secure underfoot.


Trek Navigator 200 uses Sunrace FC – M35 crankset. This crankset makes riding in rough terrain more accessible, and with the support of the Resin platform pedal, you can ride on unpaved roads, gravel, and rocky area with confidence.

Pros And Cons Of Trek Navigator 200


Good For Beginners

Trek Navigator 200 is more comfortable for beginners to increase their average speed and improve their experience level. It’s a bike built for comfort and leisure. So, it will be convenient for beginners to learn and improve easily.

Adjustable Handlebar Stem

The handle stem of Trek Navigator 200 is adjustable as you can adjust it up and down to fit your size and comfort. The adjustable stem allows you to sit upright when riding and feel comfortable.

Available In The Market

You can easily find Trek Navigator 200 bikes in the market. It’s available in bikes supermarket as well as other places. If you want to buy it online, many e-commerce companies are available online.


Trek Navigator 200 bikes are of good quality. It was built with quality components that make the bike durable and prolong its lifespan. As a result, most of these components are expensive, and that affects the price of the bike.

Warranty Program 

Most trek Navigator 200 distributors granted warranty programs to their customers, likewise the manufacturers. After purchase and you use the bike for a specific duration but discover that the product doesn’t function or it needs repair, you can return it for repair or replacement.

However, there is a duration for that. If it lapses, it won’t be accepted.

Type of Terrain

You can ride a Trek Navigator 200 bike on a paved or unpaved road. That’s because its wheels and tires can support smooth and rough roads, including gravel areas. You can also use it for trails.


Overall, Trek Navigator 200 bike is a comfortable bike. It was mainly built for commuting, leisure, and other purposes. Starting from the seat to the handlebar, you will feel comfortable riding it.


It’s Expensive

Trek Navigator bikes are so expensive. If you want to get one, you should be preparing for something close to or more than $450.


If you want to enjoy the bike and use it for an extended period, some of its components need to be replaced or upgraded, and that will cost you another amount of money.

It’s Not Ideal For Long Rides

Trek Navigator bikes are built for commuting around the neighborhood or from a place of work to home. It’s not meant for long distances.

Less Traction

Trek Navigator 200 bikes have less traction, most especially in wet conditions.

Trek Navigator 200 Size Chart

Bike tire26 X1.95[inches]
Bike wheels size26[inches] wheels
Bike chain½ X3/32[inches]
Frame sizeRiders’ height
14.5”4’10” – 5’1”
16.5”5’1”- 5’9”
18.5”5’5” – 5’9”
21”6’0”- 6’3”

However, you can know the most suitable Trek Navigator 200 size for yourself by calculating your inseam length and bike height.

Trek Navigator 200 Vs. 300

Trek Navigator 200 and 300 have a lot of things in common, including their size and some other features. However, there are a few differences between them.

Uphill Riding

When talking about riding uphill or in mountain areas, Trek Navigator 300 is far better than 200 as it gains more traction and stability than 200. Moreover, you can accelerate faster on Trek Navigator 300 when climbing uphill.

Derailleur Rear

Another difference between Trek Navigator 200 and 300 is the Derailleur rear. Trek Navigator 200 uses the Shimano Alivio product brand, while Trek Navigator 300 uses SRAM X – 7. However, both brands are durable and incredible.


The most common crankset product of Trek Navigator 200 is Shimano TX71, while Trek Navigator 300 uses Bontrager Spot.


Another thing that differentiates Trek Navigator 200 and 300 is their colors. Though there is a touch of blue and silver in both but most times, Trek Navigator 300 always has a touch of black, while Trek Navigator 200 has red color.


Trek Navigator 200 is around 30 to 33 pounds, while Trek Navigator 300 is 35 pounds.


Conclusively, if you enjoy commuting and short-distance riding, consider getting Trek Navigator 200, as It’s perfect for you. You can ride comfortably and enjoy the breeze of your environment while riding.

Moreover, as a beginner, you can start with Trek Navigator 200 to improve your skill and experience.

People Also Ask Questions

How Much Does A Trek Navigator Weigh?

There are many Trek Navigator bikes, while most weigh around 27.72 pounds. However, Trek Navigator 200 weighs approximately 30 to 33 pounds, while Trek Navigator 300 weighs 35 pounds. The maximum weight limit for Trek Navigator bikes is 300 pounds/136kg ( that’s the combined weight of the bike, rider, and cargo)

Why Are Trek Bikes So Heavy?

The major contributor to trek Navigator’s heaviness is its components. Most significantly, the Disk brake and ISO speed. However, the wheels and the tires also contribute, while the frame contributes less.

What Year Did Trek Make The Navigator 200?

Trek Navigator 200 was formally released in 1999.

Does Trek Still Make The Navigator?

Obviously Yes. Trek is still producing Navigator massively. There are the latest 2022 versions you can see at bike supermarkets and online. One of the newest versions is the 2022 Trek Navigator Go! 5i

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