Trek 830

Is The Trek 830 A Good Mountain Bike?

Most people ask questions about the qualities of a new bike like the Trek 830 before buying. They do this to discover if the bike is best for the intended purpose.

The Trek 830, first produced in 1988, is a durable bike with an assemblage of outstanding features that makes it a phenomenon among other mountain purposes.

As aforementioned, you may have these questions. Is Trek 830 a good mountain bike? What are the features of Trek 830? Is Trek 830 worth it?

This article offers detailed information about the Trek 830, as well as the pros and cons, so keep reading to get answers to all your questions and make the best decision.

Is Trek 830 A Good Mountain Bike?

If you are looking for a good commuter bike with great speed and durability, then the Trek 830 is good for you. But if you are looking for a good mountain bike, I suggest you look at other Trek bikes because there are limitations that should be absent in a good mountain bike present in the Trek 830.

The Trek 830 lacks suspension, which is required for mountain bikes to thrive and can be very dangerous when riding in the mountains.

So, if you ask, the answer will be that it is partially a good mountain bike.

About Trek 830

The Trek 830 was initially produced in 1988. Since then, there has been consistent production of other models, including 1992, 1994, 1996, and so on. The Trek 830 is a classic model of the Trek 8 series.

Trek 830 has a sturdy steel frame which is extremely durable. The TIG-welded steel frame does not get cracked easily during the ride and can always solidly stay in shape, so there is a no later weak appearance on the bike.

This bike responds quickly; it is fast, inexpensive, and suitable for all sizes because the weight limit is 300 lbs (136 kg).Trek 830 thrives best on greenways, roads, or campus, but if you are a rider with great riding abilities, you can try it on mountains, hills, and rough terrains. Just make sure you avoid obstacles.

Trek 830 Specification

Component GroupShimano AceraX
Bottom BracketShimano BB – LP26,110mm spindle
ChainKMC HG- 50, ½ X 3/32 inch
Spoke BrandUnion stainless steel, 2.0mm straight gauge
RimsWeinmann 519, 32 – hole
Frame ConstructionTIG – welded steel
Cassette7 – speed, 11 – 28 teeth
HandlebarStem Steel
SaddleSelle San Marco Linea Pro
BrakesetShimano Altus brakes, Chang Star 274A levers
Frame Tubing MaterialChromoly, oversize main triangle
BB Shell Width73mm English
Spoke NipplesBrass nipples
Tires26 X 2.10 inch Trek Big Kahuna
Fork Brand & ModelTrek
CranksetShimano AceraX, 24/34/42
Headset1 1/8 inch Victor VP – H913W
Seat PostSystem 1,26.6 mm diameter
Fork MaterialChromoly, unicrown crown
Shift LeversGrip Shift SRT – 300i

Trek 830 Bike Features


The features of Trek 830 are explained in detail below.


Trek 830 bike frame is a highly durable frame made of sturdy steel. The TIG-welded frame is not easily dented or cracked during riding and can constantly maintain the steel solidity. It will not have a weak appearance after being used for years.

A bike user claimed that it can still function well after 30 years used (purchased in 1992) and stated that he rented it out for hauling cargo during the time. This shows how extremely durable the frame of the Trek 830 bike is.

Furthermore, Trek 830, when hit, can not quickly get spoilt, and if there is any dent, it is something easy to fix. Even if not repaired, it will most times not affect the normal functioning of Trek 830.


The Trek Big Kahuna tires of this bike have a wheel diameter of 26 inches and a tire width of 2.10 inches which are slightly wider than those of Trek 800.

These tires are fast-paced, and they make significant contact with the ground (good traction). They are designed to have a good grip on gravel roads.

Coupled with the 21-speed and the Union stainless steel of the rims, the tires are designed to be fast and strong, and they can withstand punctures.


Trek 830, similar to the Trek 800 produced simultaneously, has multiple speeds to adjust, adapt to and accommodate different terrains when riding.

The versatility of the 21-speeds makes it thrive and feel better on greenways, roads, or friendly terrains in general.

Mounting Holes

Trek 830 allows for some modifications and customization of which mounting holes are part.

The bike leaves mounting holes for the rear rack and fenders, which, when installed, can turn the bike into a leisure bike.

Rims And Spokes

The Trek 830 is a very durable bike because of its frame. But another feature that makes it highly durable is the sturdy rims and spokes.

It has Union stainless steel, 2.0mm straight gauge, Weinmann 519, and 32 spokes, which makes it not easily dented when coming in contact with potholes.

The intersection of the spokes and rim are protected with Brass nipples to prevent rusting, which in turn elongates the rim’s life so well.


The Selle San Marco Linea Pro saddle of the Trek 830 bike guarantees stability. It also helps to accommodate the seat bone off the rider. It doesn’t offer a comfortable ride because the seat is hard. However, it aids handling.

Weight And Weight Limit

The Trek 830 is 32 lbs which means it is slightly heavier than most Trek bikes, with an average weight of 25.16 lbs. As a result, it doesn’t promise easy maneuvering.

The bright side is that the bike’s weight limit is 300 lbs (136 kg) which implies that bigger riders enjoy riding the Trek 830 comfortably and can also be used for hauling cargo.


The handlebar of the Trek 830 is Chromoly, which helps to give a nice feeling to the hands and ensures a firm grip. The Handlebar stem is made of steel; this improves your control and prevents the negative consequences of bad control when coupled with the Chromoly Handlebar of the bike.

Pros And Cons



Alongside the qualities of this bike, you can purchase it at the current value of around $70 – $109, which is affordable.

Sturdy Frame

It cannot be overemphasized how sturdy and durable the Trek 830 is because of its TIG-welded frame. Moreover, you can install the rear rack and fenders.

The customizing power given to riders is another pro of the Trek 830. The bike leaves mounting holes for the rear rack and fenders.

21 Speed

The 21-speed makes Trek 830 thrive well on greenways, roads, or on campus because of its multiple speeds that are selective.


No Suspension   

I believe this is a huge “L” of Trek 830. The absence of suspension leaves the rider accident-prone when riding on rough terrains.

Hard Seat


The saddle of the bike has a hard texture which, as a result, does not promise comfort.

Non-Durable Footrests

If you are a rider that takes leg day seriously at the gym, I advise you to take it easy on the footrests, as they can get spoilt from pressure or heavy weight.

Comparisons Between A Trek 830 And Other Bikes

Trek 850 Vs Trek 830


  • Their frames are both made with TIG-welded steel.
  • They both have a weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • They both have Chromoly, unicrown crowns as their fork.
  • They both have Trek as their fork brand and Model.
  • They both have the Shimano BB-LP26 as their bottom bracket.

In addition, they both share similar 26×2.10 inch Trek Big Kahuna tires, which guarantees good grip on terrains.


The differences between the specifications of the two bikes are represented in the table below

ComponentTrek 830Trek 850
Component GroupShimano AceraXShimano STX – RC/ Alivio
CranksetShimano AceraX, 24/34/42 teethShimano Alivio, 24/34/42 teeth
Shift leversGrip Shift SRT – 300Shimano STX – RC Rapid Fire SL
Spoke BrandUnion Stainless steel, 2.0mm straight gaugeMarwi Stainless steel, 2.0mm straight gauge
ChainKMC HG – 50, ½ x 3/32 inchShimano CN – IG31, ½ X 3/32 inch
RimsWeinmann519, 32 – holeMatrix Guru, 32 – hole
SeatpostSystem 1,26.6mm diameterAluminum micro – adjust, 26.6mm diameter
SaddleSelle San Marco Linea ProTrek
Handelbar StemSteelChromoly

From the above table, we can see the following differences

      Handlebar Stem

The Handlebar stem of the Trek 830 is more durable than the Trek 850. The handlebar stem of Trek 830 is made of steel which is more durable than Chromoly.


In terms of comfort, the Trek 850’s saddle differs from that of the Trek 830. Trek Saddle ensures comfort, and it supports the rider’s weight on their sit bones effectively.

On the other hand, Trek 830’s saddle does not give a comfortable experience for riders as it is a hard seat.

            Spoke Brand

Trek 830 differs from the Trek 850 regarding their spoke brand’s corrosiveness. The Union Stainless steel, 2.0mm straight gauge of the Trek 830, is protected with Brass nipples to prevent rusting.

The above feature is absent in Trek 850.

Trek Marlin 4 Mountain Bike VS Trek 830

The Trek Marlin 4 is the best pick for mountain bikers who are beginners looking for an inexpensive mountain bike. The bike had a 100mm shock fork for trail riding that reduces ground impact.


These bikes have the following similarities

  • They both have a weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • They are both low-cost or inexpensive.
  • They can both pass for a commuter bike.


  • The Trek Marlin 4 has a shock fork thatcan be suspended, which leads to loss of power and quick arrival to one’s destination. On the contrary, the Trek 830 has a 21-speed system that allows the selection of multiple speeds for different terrains.
  • The Trek Marlin 4 is lightweight, while the Trek 830 is not. This means it is easier for riders to drive through tight spaces and maneuver better with Trek Marlin 4.
  • The Trek Marlin 4 is a better mountain bike than Trek 830. This is because the Trek Marlin 4 has a 100mm Shock fork for trail riding that reduces ground impact, while the Trek 830 has no suspension making it unsafe on rough trails.
  • Trek Marlin 4 mechanical discs and the lightweight aluminum frame makes it a low-maintenance bike.

However, the Trek 830 cannot be called a low-maintenance bike as it has room for add-ons and modifications like mounting holes for the rear rack and fenders.


When you know how a bike was designed to function, it will allow you to use that bike to its total capacity.

Trek 830 mountain bike is a classic Trek Mountain bike with an incredible road bike shape and a front fork with no shocks and suspensions, making it difficult for riders to ride lightly off-road, as they are used to riding with a shock fork.

However, Trek 830 is a good commuter bike with a durable body that is strong enough to pull cargo. Overall, it is a good and durable commuter bike but not a good mountain bike.


How Much Does A Trek 830 Weigh?

The Trek 830 weighs about 32 lbs.

How Much Does A Trek 830 Cost?

Depending on the bike’s condition, the current price of a Trek 830 is around $70-$109.

What Is The Weight Limit Of Trek 830?

300 lbs/ 136 kg

What Size Frame Is A Trek 830?

The frame sizes of the Trek 830 bike are 13″, 16.5″, 18″, 19.5″, 21″, and 22.5″.

Who Is The Trek 830 Mountain Bike Ideal For?

There are many limitations if you use it as a mountain bike, such as the lack of suspension and shocks, which can be very dangerous when riding in the mountains and on rough terrains.

However, this like is ideal for commuting and is highly durable.

What Are The Bikes That One Can Get Instead Of The Trek 830?

1)  Trek Marlin 4 Mountain Bike

 It has Aluminum as its frame material and a wheel size of 27.5 – 29-inch

2)  Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike

The bike’s frame is made of Steel and has a wheel size of 26 inches.

3)  Trek 820 Mountain Bike     

The frame material is Trek Custom Steel, and it has a 26-inch wheel size.

4)  Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike

The frame material is made of Carbon Fiber, and it has a 29-inch wheel size.

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