Is The Trek 850 A Good Mountain Bike?

The Trek brand is known for manufacturing and distributing excellent-quality bikes over the years, one of which is the Trek 850. Trek has a track record of producing first-class frames that are durable and beautifully designed, giving you your money’s worth.

With these known facts, if you still have questions like Is the Trek 850 mountain bike a good choice? What are the features of the Trek 850? Is it a durable mountain bike? You have gotten the right article to help you answer these questions and to help you discover if Trek 850 is perfect for you.

This is an in-depth examination of Trek 850. Keep reading to learn all the detailed information about Trek 850, as well as the pros and cons.

Is The Trek 850 A Good Mountain Bike?

The Trek Bike is an excellent choice for riders who are looking for an affordable mountain bike. Its 21-speed drivetrain and Shimano Alivio M-System brakes are features that certify it as a perfect pick. But, you should note that even though the Trek 850 is an affordable and sturdy bike, it lacks some essential features, which include a shock front fork, a sharp and quick braking system, and lightweight, that makes up for a good mountain bike.

Therefore, it is a fairly good mountain bike overall.

About Trek 850 Mountain Bike

Trek is a popular brand that manufactures multiple numbers of good bikes. The company has produced quality Trek mountain bikes for over 30 years, and the Trek 850 is no exception.

Trek 850 is a good mountain bike for riders searching for a durable and sturdy bike that is affordable. The Trek 850 bike possesses a TIG-welded bicycle frame which is both lightweight and long-lasting. The geometry of the bike is one to love.

It is designed to give a stable ride even on unfriendly terrain. And for ease, the Trek 850 comes with a 7-speed, 11-30 teeth freewheel for the best performance.

One significant benefit of the Trek 850 is the price and cost of maintenance. The Trek 850 was $459.99 in 1995, one of the cheapest bikes on sale with excellent quality. Also, the maintenance of the bike is easy and affordable. Thus you will not have to spend a lot of cash on repairs.

Trek 850 Mountain Bike Specifications

All you need to know about Trek 850 bike specifications are in the table below.

Components    Types
Component GroupShimano STX – RC/Alivio
PedalsWellgo LU – 945
Bottom BracketShimano BB – LP26, 110 mm
BB Shell Width73mm English
ChainShimano CN – IG31,1/2X 3/32 inch
ExtensionsNot included
Spoke BrandMarwi stainless steel, 2.0mm straight gauge
Spoke NipplesBrass nipples
Hubs FrontAluminum quick release, Rear; Shimano Alivio
RimsMatrix Guru, 32 – hole
Tires26 X 2.10 inch Trek Kahuna
Frame ConstructionTIG – welded
Fork Brand & ModelTrek
Cassette7 – speed, 11 – 30 teeth
CranksetShimano Alivio, 24/34/42 teeth
Rear ShockNot applicable
Handlebar StemChromoly
Headset1 inch Victor VP – H913W sealed
SeatpostAluminum micro–adjust, 26.6mm diameter
BrakesetShimano Alivio M – System brakes, Shimano STX levers
Fork MaterialChromoly, unicrown crown
Frame Tubing MaterialTrue Temper Chromoly, double-butted
Shift LeversShimano STX – RC RapidFire SL

Trek 850 Features

The features of a Trek 4300 bike and the materials used to produce them are explained below.


The bike’s frame is the bedrock of the bike because it majorly determines its longevity of the bike. A good frame is strong, durable, and lightweight.

The material used to produce the Trek 850 bike frame is Steel. It is a TIG-welded steel frame that supplies the qualities mentioned above and is well known for its sturdiness and durability. The TIG-welded bike frame of the Trek 850 is a high-quality frame with several advantages for riders. It is a strong frame that can withstand a lot of weight and is easy to maintain.

The TIG-welded procedure used to create the frame makes the steel frame non-corrosive and simpler to repair when there is a dent or breakage.

Furthermore, versatility is an added feature to the strength and durability of the Trek 850 TIG-welded steel frame. This feature gives the bike a variety of frame options in riding conditions and also makes it perfect for both beginner and expert riders.

In addition, the frame color varies depending on the year of production; for example, 1983: black metallic with red panel and head tube, 1984: black with red graphics, 1986: Antelope olive drab, also pink to white fade, and so on.


The drivetrain, which is probably the last thing that comes to your mind when you think of a good mountain bike, is one of the essential features of a mountain bike. The drivetrain encompasses a chain, cassette, and gears.

With a 21-speed Shimano (3X7) drivetrain on the Trek 850, mounting hills and descent are easier. This is more beneficial for bikers who frequently go off-road. The drivetrains do a great job of getting you to your destination faster and also make it a more enjoyable ride as you can cover more ground in a short period.


The Kahuna Tires of the Trek 850 are known for their great traction, which has been proven while riding on hard ground. The tires are usually graded by their width in inches, and they come in different sizes to produce different levels of grip, durability, and braking power.

The size of the Trek Kahuna tires on the bike is 26”, which is a typical size for most mountain bikes. The tires do not appear tall but can allow a wider scale when paired with various matching frames.

The 26 X 2.10 inch Trek Kahuna tires of the Trek 850 provide excellent traction and stability on both soft and hard surfaces, which is a good option for bikes who do explore diverse trails and terrain without fear of getting stuck. They are also adaptable enough to thrive on dirt and muddy areas as they shake off mud and water, which makes them a good choice for tires.


The Shimano Alivio M-System brakes of the Trek 850 mountain bike is a lightweight brake set with a good modulation scale. These brakes make a slight scraping sound, so a disadvantage is that they can be noisy when coming to a stop.

Brakes are essential for many reasons, with safety being the most important of the many reasons. It takes time to stop while braking on the Trek 850, and it requires occasional adjustments to keep it at the top level. As a result, this braking system is not ideal for mountain bikers who love to go at full speed.

Weight And Weight Limit

Weight is crucial when it comes to mountain bikes as it affects the stability, handling, and performance of the bike. Trek 850 mountain bike weighs 35 lbs. It is a bike perfect for riders searching for a well-built and easy-ride bike.

On the contrary, due to the bike’s weight, it will not be easily maneuverable, and it will likewise not make quick turns or directions. Thus in terms of weight, the Trek 850 is not an advisable pick when looking for a mountain bike.

However, the weight limit of the Trek 850 bike is a bright side to it. The weight limit is 300 lbs or 136 kg, so bigger riders can enjoy riding the Trek 850 mountain bike comfortably.

Pros And Cons


It Is Long-Lasting

The TIG-welded sturdy and durable steel frame of the Trek 850 mountain bike makes the live bike years of biking without easy dents. It is a very durable bike.

It Is Affordable

You can get this bike at an affordable price which makes it easier to purchase for riders.

Great Grip

The 26X2.10 inch Trek Kahuna tires of the Trek 850 mountain bike give the bike a good grip, even on rough and muddy terrain.

It Is A Good Bike For Beginners

Beginners can start to learn and practice with this bike. Also, beginners can purchase it at an affordable price.

Suppose you are looking for a Mountain bike that you can ride in your free time. You don’t have to search anymore; the Trek 850 is a great leisure bike.

Varieties Of Gear Changes

The drivetrain accommodates lots of gear changes to adapt to rolling terrain.


Absence Of Shock Front Fork

An essential criterion for a good mountain bike is a quality shock front fork, which aids and accumulates shocks gotten, most especially during descent. Without a shock front fork, mountain bike riders are open to danger if they use the Trek 850 mountain bike.


Weak And Slow Braking System

The brakes have no disc, which causes the Trek 850 bike to take some time while braking.

Bikes That Can Replace The Trek 850 As A Good Mountain Bike


Santa Cruz Nomad


As a well-known enduro bike, the SANTA CRUZ Nomad possesses a strong Carbon fiber frame that is not welded. It also has 2.6” tires and a wide range 1*2 speed drivetrain that accommodates free mountain riding.

Coupled with those, the SANTA CRUZ Nomad has a front suspension of 170mm travel which mounts up well to rocky terrain. As a result, the SANTA CRUZ Nomad will always beat the Trek 850 in a mountain bike competition.

Trek 820 Mountain Bike


This bike is one of the most moderately priced Trek mountain bikes available. It can replace the Trek 850 mountain bike because it has a strong steel frame, a 21-speed transmission, a 75mm shock fork, and rear rack mounting holes, some of which the Trek 850 lacks.

Schwinnbonafide Men’s Mountain Bike


This bike is a great inexpensive mountain bike that features a lightweight aluminum frame (for easy maneuver), large 29-inch tires (good grip assured), a 24-speed Shimano drivetrain, 24-speed trigger shifters, a soft and stiff shock fork (pressure and shock impacts reduced), and mechanical disc brakes (for quick stoppage).

All these features are ones that mountain bikers will crave for any day of the week. Therefore, it can easily replace Trek 850 as a good mountain bike.


Trek 850 bike is an excellent mountain bike for beginners (they will most likely not go off-road). It is a perfect bike to learn the basics of riding on rough trails.

On the other hand, the lacks of the Trek 850 mountain bike, which includes the lack of a lot of modern gear, the absence of a shock front, and the lack of modern brakes, all limit the bike from being a good mountain bike for professional mountain bikers.

Also, the limitations of uneasy maneuvering, not being able to make quick turns, and the hard possibility of riding through tight spaces due to the 35 lbs weight of the Trek 850 mountain bike are other reasons not to take the bike as a good mountain bike.

Yes, the Trek 850 bike can pass so well as a good commuting bike, but overall, it is not advisable for professional mountain bikers due to the above reasons. Therefore, it is a fairly good mountain bike.


How Much Does A Trek 850 Mountain Bike Cost?

If you want to purchase a Trek 850 mountain bike, you can get it for a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MRSP) of $450. You can get a brand-new bike with this amount. Nonetheless, if you want to purchase a fairly used bike, you can get it for a trade-in range of $86-$88 to ensure it is still well efficient.

For How Long Will My New Trek Bike Be In Use?

You can use a Trek bike for more than ten years with the appropriate care and maintenance.

Is Biking Meant For Males Only?

Learning how to ride a bike or riding a bike is not gender-specific at all. It cuts across both genders, meaning both males and females can ride a bike.

When Was The Trek 850 Made?

The bike was first produced in 1983.

Should I Start Mountain Biking Or Road Biking?    

Unless you’re planning to make a living out of mountain biking as a distinct sport, road biking is the better way.

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