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Is The Trek 8000 A Good Mountain Bike? (Trek 800 Review)

When it comes to riding on a wide variety of off-road terrains, including sand, gravel, riverbeds, mud, snow, rocks, and other natural terrains for an extended period, the trek 8000 is an ideal bike.

The Trek 8000 is a mountain bike with outstanding features capable of riding on rough and unpaved terrain. Most people refer to it as a mid-range mountain bike because of its quality components with affordable price.

However, this article will give you all the detailed information about Trek 8000, including the specifications, pros, cons, and other important information you need to know to decide if the Trek 8000 is a suitable bike for you.

Is The Trek 8000 A Good Mountain Bike?

The Trek 8000 is a good mountain bike with outstanding features, components, and qualities supportive of various terrains.

However, three significant performances differentiate Trek 8000 from other bikes. These includes:

  • Descending
  • Climbing
  • General Terrain


Trek 8000 is one of the most suitable bikes capable of descending uphills perfectly. This can not be possible without the support of its features, including a 100mm shock fork, 2.2″ wide mountain tires, and a hydraulic disc brake that is sharp and makes it easier when descending hills.

Moreover, Trek 8000 bike has a lighter body weight; this was a result of the aluminum frame material used to produce it, and as a result of that, the acceleration is always slower when descending hills, which makes it easier to be controlled, likewise the support of the angle of the head tube.


Trek 8000 performs well when it comes to climbing hills. This was a result of its body weight which makes pedaling more accessible, and as a result, the acceleration is faster when climbing uphills.

Moreover, the angle of the head tube is 71°, which makes it easier to be steered and controlled when climbing hills. In short, you don’t need to be dragging yourself when climbing uphills with Trek 8000 bikes.

General Terrain

Among many things, you can ride Trek 8000 bike on various terrains. The bike comprises certain features supportive of rough terrain, sand, gravel, riverbeds, miss, snow, and rocks, among others.

Moreover, even though Trek 8000 bike is a mountain bike, you can ride it on the road. But, most importantly, it’s much good for trials as it has aggressive geometry, grippy tires, 27-speed, and excellent fitness, among others.

Specifications And Features Of Trek 8000

These are the essential components, specifications, and features of the Trek 8000 that differentiate it from other bikes.

Features                 Type
FrameAlpha Red Aluminum with the semi-integrated head tube, butted and formed top tube, hydroformed down tube with integrated gusset, bridgeless seatstay, forged race dropouts, and replaceable derailleur hanger.
Bike size15.5”,17.5”,18.5”,19.5”,21.5”
Wheels typeShimano M525 SL rear hub, Bontrager sealed front hub; Bontrager SSR, 32 – hole welded rim w/eyelets.
TiresBontrager Jones XR,26X2.2/2.25”,60tpi, folding.
ShiftersShimano SLX SL
Front DerailleurShimano SLX
Rear DerailleurShimano Deore XT “Shadow”
CrankShimano Deore XT 44/32/22
CassetteSRAM PG 970 11-33, speed
SaddleBontrager Race
SeatpostBontrager Race , 31.6mm 5mm offset
HandlebarBontrager Race OS Flatbar, 31.6mm 620mm width
StemBontrager Race Lite 7 degree,31.8mm
BrakesetAvid Juicy 5, hydraulic disc, 185mm front rotor,160mm rear rotor
HeadsetVP – A58ACT – TK, 11/8” w/alloy cups, semi cartridge bearings, sealed
ColorsGloss Black/ Pearl White

Alpha Red Aluminum Frame

Alpha Red Aluminum is one of the latest and most common frame materials on most mountain bikes. However, Trek 8000 also uses Alpha Red Aluminum Frame.

Most importantly, the use of hydroforming technology during the process of the frame makes it stronger and more reliable for use. You can use the frame for an extended period without getting damaged or broken.

Moreover, the head tube angle, 71°, the top tube, and the down tube support uphill climbing. Therefore, if you are a lover of trials and uphill riding, you can think of getting Trek 8000 mountain bike because its frame shape and fitness are supportive of that.


The drivetrain components of Trek 8000 are outstanding, durable, and strong to withstand rough terrain. The crankset is made of Shimano Deore XT, while the brakeset is a hydraulic disc. The front and the rear derailleurs are Shimano SLX and Shimano Deore XT, respectively, which helps accelerate faster and pedal easier.

In short, the drivetrain of Trek 8000 is remarkable and reliable on any terrain.

Shock Front Fork

Another significant component of Trek 8000 is the front fork. The front fork is the Rock Shox Reba SL Dual Air Shock Fork which is a combination of low weight, stiffness, and rider-specific tuning. Moreover, the price is affordable, while most people refer to it mid-range fork because of its quality plus affordability.


Trek 8000 tire is Bontrager Jones XR; the tire is specifically made for mountain bikes. The inner tube size of the tire is 26 X 2.2/2.25″. However, with the 26″ tires and 2.2″ width, you have better handling when riding on rough areas.

Moreover, the tires take more grip on mountain riding and give confidence to riders. You can also ride it on wet surfaces.

Hydraulic Disc Brake

More than anything, the hydraulic disc brake of Trek 8000 makes riding more comfortable and reliable. It also increases riders’ confidence when riding in wooded or rocky areas.

Moreover, the braking distance of the hydraulic disc brake is short. Therefore, riders have more time to react on a mountain riding trial.


The handlebar of the Trek 8000 bike is a Bontrager Race OS flat bar. However, you might want to raise the handlebars if it’s not convenient for you. How would you raise the handlebars? Follow these steps by step processes:

  • Loosen the bolt in the handlebar stem.
  • Hit the bolt down with a wrench.
  • Raise the handlebar to the position you want it to be.
  • Hold the bolt upward with your fingers while tightening.


The suspension Seatpost of Trek 8000 helps you to ride over bumps comfortably. However, the chart below explains the size of the Seatpost

Size31.6mm X3000mm X 40mm
SeatpostSuspension posts


You can find Trek 8000 in a few colors. However, the most common colors are Gloss black and Pearl white. You can also find some with Team Blue. In general, Trek 8000 is one of the most beautiful Trek bikes you can see on the market.

Pros And Cons Of Trek 8000 Mountain Bike



All the Trek 8000 bike versions are lightweight. The heaviest is around 29 lbs, while the lightest is around 24-25lbs. The bike becomes lighter as new versions are being produced.

However, the aluminum frame is vital in the bike’s lightness as it is around 3.5 lbs. The remaining weight is the components like the tires, wheels, drivetrain, and others. You don’t have to feel burdened when riding Trek 8000, and as a result of its weight, you can easily accelerate faster when climbing hills.

Perfect head tube angle

The head tube angle of the Trek 8000 bike is 71°. This is perfect enough for mountain bikes. The angle helps when climbing hills and riding off the road.

Moreover, you can easily steer or maneuver the bike around obstacles on trails and over rocky areas and bumps.

Good Shock Fork

Trek 8000 bike is made with a 100mm travel shock fork, a good shock absorption. The travel fork is durable, lightweight, and easy to carry and control.

Moreover, when traveling or riding long distances on unpaved roads or rough terrain, the shock fork is convenient to maneuver. It also has a perfect suspension that can help over bumps and other obstacles.

Tires With A Strong Grip

The Trek 8000 tires are strong and durable with more grip on mountain riding. They’re the same tires most mountain bikes use. However, you don’t have to be troubled with Trek 8000 tires when riding in rough terrain, as it gives riders confidence in riding.

Hydraulic Disc Brake

One of the most significant advantages the Trek 8000 bike has is the use of a hydraulic disc brake. Compared to other brakes, like mechanical disc brake, hydraulic disc brake performs better. Moreover, when climbing and descending hills, the hydraulic disc brake performs well as it reduces friction.


Trek 8000 bike is more affordable despite its overall quality. Compared to some other trek bikes, you can easily find them at cheaper prices. Moreover, some people consider it a mid-range bike compared to high-end mountain bikes, which are expensive.


Uncomfortable Seat

Most riders complain about Trek 8000 seat and that it’s not comfortable. However, Trek 8000 is not a commuting or comfort bike. It’s built for trails and rough terrain.

Trek 8000 Bike Size Chart  

Trek 8000 bikes come in different sizes, including 15.5″, 27.5″, 28.5″, 19.5″, and 21.5″. To get a suitable size for yourself, you have to calculate your inseam length or height and use the chart below to locate the suitable bike you should buy.

 Rider Height               (cm) Rider Height      (inches) Frame size
148cm – 158cm4’10” – 5’2”XS
158cm – 168cm5’2” – 5’6”S
168cm – 178cm5’6”- 5’10”M
178cm – 185cm5’6” – 6’1”L
185cm – 193cm6’1” –  6’4”XL
193cm – 198 cm6’4” – 6’ 6”XXL

Other Versions Of Trek 8000

There are several versions of Trek 8000, as mentioned above. The first model was officially released around 2000, while different models are still counting.

However, all the versions have things in common with few differences, mainly the price and weight. Here, I’ll give full details of a few versions of Trek 8000.

2000 Trek 8000

Trek 8000 version 2000 was heavier with 29 lbs than most latest versions. It cost $1150, while the front tire is 26X2.15 inches and the rear tire 26X2.00 inches. You can ride on low-level mountain biking and rough terrain.

2005 Trek 8000     

Trek 8000 version 2005 was the first version with ZR 9000 Aluminum frame. As a result, it’s lighter than the 2000 version. Most people consider it a high-end bike because of its cost, which was $1540.

2006 Trek 8000     

Trek 8000 version 2006 cost $1400, much lower than the 2005 version. It was made in burgundy color. However, since the fork is made of aluminum, it becomes lighter than the former versions.

2009 Trek 8000

Trek 8000 version 2009 cost $1800. It has a hydraulic disc brake and uses a 100mm travel fork. You can ride it off the road and use it to climb hills.

2010 Trek 8000

Trek 8000 version 2010 cost $200 with a 10mm longer handlebar than the previous versions.

2011 Trek 8000

This version is more upgraded and much improved than the previous versions. It comes with a FOX Alps fork with 100mm travel.


If you’re a lover of the trail, mountain riding, climbing, and descending uphills, Trek 8000 should be your best suit. It can ride on any terrain, including rocky, riverbeds, snow, etc.


What Is The Body Weight Of Trek 8000?

The Trek 8000 comes with different body weights depending on the version. However, the heaviest body weight is 29 lbs, while the lightest is 24-25lbs.

What Frame Sizes Are Available For The Trek 8000?

The frame size for Trek 8000 is 15.5,17.5,18.5,19.5,21.5, respectively. However, you can know the suitable bike by calculating your inseam length and bike height.

What Is The Weight Limit For The Trek 8000?

The overall weight limit for Trek 8000 ( the bike weight, the rider’s weight, and the cargo) is 300lbs (136kg)

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