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Is The Trek 7100 A Good Hybrid Bike? (Review) 

A straightforward answer? Yes, the Trek 7100 is a great hybrid bike.

This classic bike was introduced in 2002 and is a hit among bikers who love to cruise along city roads. The 7100 is built on the older Trek 7000, making it a hybrid between a regular and a mountain bike. 

Commuters like this hybrid bike for its versatility to handle multiple surfaces, including brick-lined sidewalks, pot-holed surfaces to park trails. In addition, the Trek 7100 can go downhill as smoothly as it can go uphill, as the head of its angle tube is quite steep. 

The Trek 7100 is also a great balance of affordable price and overall fantastic performance, making it a great bike for anyone who loves to ride. 

So what is this fan-favorite hybrid bike all about? Find out below! 

About Trek 7100 Hybrid Bike

The Trek 7100 hybrid bike has steely grey color with some bold fonts giving it an interesting appearance. If you get lucky, you might also come across this hybrid bike with a dash of silver and olive colors too, especially if you get the newer versions. 

Ever since its introduction in 2002, there have been other versions of the Trek 7100, including 2005, 2011, and 2012. The original Trek 7100 from 2002 does not have a shock fork; instead, it is a rigid alloy making it unrivaled in terms of comfort. However, the steel handlebar was prone to rust which required more maintenance. 

Trek 7100, which came in 2005, has a shock-front fork, and most of the components were made of alpha aluminum, making it very lightweight and easy to maintain. Compared to the older versions, the 2011 and 2012’s Trek 7100 had an upgraded saddle from Bontrager Boulevard, and the handlebars were also swept back, which helped them ride faster. These newer hybrid bikes also came with better-looking colors than the older ones. 

In terms of design, the 7100 for women has a straddle-style frame making it easier to mount and get off with a skirt. On the other hand, the men’s bike has a typical woodland mountain bike, which is the only visible between the two. 

Other than that, the Trek 7100 has the same technical specifications and features, which we are talking about in the next section. 

Trek 7100 Hybrid Bike Specifications


  • Fork – SR Suntour NEX, 50mm Travel and Preload Adjustable
  • Frame – Alpha Silver/white Aluminum


  • Crank – Shimano M131 and 48/38/28 with chainguard
  • Pedals – Nylon platform
  • Rear derailleur – SRAM X.3 Shimano
  • Front derailleur – Shimano M191
  • Shifters – 7-speed twist, SRAM 3.0 Comp
  • Cassette – 7 speed, Shimano 14-34


  • Wheels – Bontrager 550 36-hole alloy rims with Alloy hubs
  • Tires – 700x35c, 30tpi , Bontrager H4

Other components 

  • Headset – Threaded, sealed semi-cartridge bearings
  • Handlebar – 50mm rise, Bontrager Approved steel
  • Grips – Kraton 
  • Seatpost – Alloy with adjustable suspension
  • Stem – Alloy, adjustable rise
  • Saddle – Bontrager Boulevard
  • Brakeset – Kraton inserts, Tektro linear-pull brakes with Tektro alloy levers

Trek 7100 Hybrid Bike Features

Trek 7100 hybrid bike features are basically the same across all the versions except for a few exceptions. For this review, we will stick to the newer versions of Trek 7100.

Aluminum frame

The Trek 7100 has a sturdy frame made of alpha aluminum. If you’re not familiar, alpha aluminum is a performance-engineered product that also combines the best of metallurgy. So with this innovative aluminum frame, Trek was able to produce bikes that are lightweight and also have compliant frames. 

Using this aluminum in the construction of the 7100 also gives it a seamless look because this component also makes welding smooth. This explains why the newer Trek 7100s look more polished and clean across all sections. 

Another fantastic advantage of using alpha aluminum is that Trek was able to keep the price of their bikes very reasonable, making it a hit among bike lovers. The introduction of the newer 7100s with more aluminum components also made this bike effortless to maintain. 

Suspension fork 

As mentioned above, the older Trek 7100 did not have a suspension fork, but thankfully, the manufacturers decided to add it to the bikes that were introduced after 2005. Suspension forks are usually used in the front wheel, which makes the rides significantly more comfortable, irrespective of the terrain and speed.

The addition of a suspension fork in the 7100 allows the bike to follow the curves of the tarmac or the trails while riding. The compression and expansion of the suspension forks allow the bike’s wheel to move smoothly over bumps and potholes. It also has a dampening effect on the wheel, so your ride is more controlled and comfortable. 

Along the topic of comfort, Trek 7100 also comes with a suspension seat post also contributes to it. The padded cushions in the seat post make all the difference when it comes to riding on bumpy roads for even more long hours. 

21 speeds

If you are a bike rider with any level of experience, the number of gears in a bike can make a big difference in the overall riding experience. Hybrid bikes with 21 gears are generally smoother when it comes to riding and pedaling. 

The Trek 7100 has 21 speeds, meaning you can ride the bike for long hours without compromising comfort and speed. Additionally, because of its many gears, this hybrid bike can easily take on multiple surfaces. 

Bikes with 21 speeds also generally have three chainrings that assist them while riding uphill, and the Trek 7100 is no different. 

Shimano 3X7 drivetrain

A feature of the Trek 7100 that you will appreciate while riding it is the 3×7 drivetrain from Shimano. Because of this feature, the 7100 bikes from Trek are among the most responsive while riding it. 

Of course, the 21-speed combinations also contribute to the overall performance of the drivetrain, but it is a feature in this hybrid bike that makes it a top choice for regular commuting without any issues. 

Adjustable stem

Another feature that makes the Trek 7100 a great bike is an adjustable stem made of alloy. An adjustable stem may not seem like a big deal, but an adjustable stem can make all the difference if comfort matters to you while riding a bike. 

Regardless of your height, the 7100’s adjustable stem makes it effortless to adjust it to your height. Even riders of generous height do not have to hunch over uncomfortably while riding this hybrid bike.

If you’re curious about how the adjustable stem works, it is quite easy to modify it. Even if you are a beginner, an Allen Wrench is all you need to adjust the stem to your preference before taking your Trek 7100 for a spin. 

700 x 35c tires

The Trek 7100 has 700 x 35c tires, which is considered the standard for hybrid commuter bikes. These tires, in combination with the double-walled alloy rims, make this hybrid bike great in terms of speed and comfort. The Trek 7100 tires are also great in terms of longevity and easy maintenance. 

The tread on these 7100s tires is also a feature that stands out and performs fantastically as well. It is a good combination of packed treads in the middle of the tires and an open pattern along the sides. This makes the Trek 7100 an outstanding bike for grip and traction on brick roads as well as riding on the edges of the terrains. 


  • Lightweight and sturdy construction with alpha aluminum 
  • It has several components, such as a suspension fork, seat post, and an adjustable stem for optimum comfort
  • Standard tires that perform exceptionally well on all terrains 
  • 21-speed combination for a smooth transition and pedaling 
  • Affordable pricing that is suitable for all budgets 
  • Minimal maintenance and great performance make it ideal for beginners 


  • The nylon platform on the pedals is substandard and does not last long 
  • Not suitable for mountain climbing due to the alloy cable brakes on it
  • The 50mm travel on the forks is on the shorter side for a hybrid bike 

How does the Trek 7100 compare with other hybrid bikes?

If you are curious about how the Trek 7100 compares with other hybrid bikes on the market, here’s your chance to find out. 

Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike

The Discover Hybrid is one of Schwinn’s most popular bikes and has a couple of similarities with the 7100 from Trek. 

One, both these hybrid bikes have a suspension fork and a 3×7 drivetrain, making them great for comfort while riding long distances. In addition, the above features also make these bikes suitable for riding over multiple terrains. 

The differences between the Schwinn Discover and Trek 7100 are that the former has more color options and the technical specs are a bit more refined. Overall, the Discover hybrid bike from one of the most recognized names in the bike industry is very comfortable, rides well, and is a great choice for mountain riding. 

Trek Dual Sport 1 

This is another hybrid bike from Trek that you can easily confuse with the 7100 if you are not familiar with them. Similar to the Trek 7100, the Dual Sport 1 has an aluminum frame rendering it lightweight, easy to maintain, and durable. It also has a suspension fork so you can ride different surfaces with ease and comfort. 

However, this hybrid bike from Trek also has a couple of standout features that make it completely different from the 7100 in terms of performance. These features include mechanical brakes, fork travel of 63mm, and a 16-speed combination. 

With the Dual Sport 1, you don’t have to pedal or brake too hard, even while you are on rough terrain. This hybrid bike from Trek is a fantastic choice for all-weather use with its superior braking power, and you don’t have to worry about its maintenance too. 

Trek FX 2 Disc

The FX 2 Disc is another hybrid bike from Trek and is quite a popular model. It has a couple of similarities with the 7100 model, including a 700 x 35c tire and an alpha aluminum frame. These hybrid bikes from Trek also have similar price tags, which gives the 7100 a stiff competition. 

However, the FX 2 Disc has outstanding features such as a 2×9 drivetrain, a hydraulic disc brake, and an internal alignment. A combination of these features in this hybrid bike makes it ride a bit faster than the 7100. 

In terms of appearance, the FX 2 Disc looks more like a road bike, but do not be fooled, as it can easily ride multiple surfaces. 

Merida Crossway 40D

This is another hybrid bike that compares very well with the Trek 7100. You will find similarities between these two hybrid bikes, including the aluminum frame and its ability to perform exceptionally well on multiple terrains, thanks to the suspension fork.  

However, this hybrid bike from 2020 is a new release meaning it has several top-class components. Among them are hydraulic disc brakes, the 27-speed drivetrain, and the 700 x 400c tires. The treads on the original tires of this bike are also worth pointing out as they are impressive both in appearance and offer an outstanding grip on road surfaces. 

These features on this hybrid bike make it a champ in terms of comfort and riding performance wherever you take it. In terms of appearance, the Merida Crossway is sleek and smooth, making it worth the high price tag it comes with. 


The Trek 7100 is not without drawbacks, especially in the older versions that came without suspension forks and more steel components to boot. This combination made the bike less comfortable and high on maintenance. 

However, the newer 7100 versions have rectified the above features making them more comfortable, effortless to ride, and easy to maintain. This hybrid bike from Trek is one of the best-selling models from the brand because of its lightweight yet reliable construction and ability to ride on multiple surfaces without compromising performance. 

In addition, Trek 7100 also comes with an affordable price tag making it a perfect choice for those who love a hybrid bike for daily commuting. 

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