Trek 7000 Mountain Bike Review

Is The Trek 7000 A Good Mountain Bike? (Review 2022)

The Trek Company is the world’s largest manufacturer of specific mountain bikes, of which trek 7000 is one. When deciding on a bike that can thrive on mountains, rough trails, and other natural terrains, the Trek 7000 is an ideal pick for you.

The trek 7000, introduced in 1991, is a mountain bike with superb characteristics capable of thriving on rough and unfriendly terrain.With all these facts and more, you may still have doubts and questions about the features of the Trek 7000, the pros and cons, the specs of the trek 7000, and if it is a good pick in general.

In this article, I’ll address all of these and answer your questions in detail, including your doubts.

Trek 7000 Mountain Bike Review

Is The Trek 7000 A Good Mountain Bike?

Absolutely yes, the Trek 7000 is a good mountain bike. It can ride on rough terrains, mountains especially, and rocky areas. Therefore, if you love trails, the trek 7000 is an ideal bike for you.

Trek 7000 Mountain Bike Specifications

The list below has all you need to know about Trek 7000 bike specifications:

Features     Type
Size Available14.5”, 16.5”, 18”,19.5”,20”
Frame Weight3.88lbs
Fork Weight1.90lbs
Bike Weight25.16lbs
Frame MaterialEaston 7129 E9 tapered aluminum tubing; Trek system 2 batted chrome – moly fork
Wheel Base42”; 106.68”
Seat Tube18” , 45.72cm (actual, center to top)
Top Tube23”; 58.42 (effective)
Head Angle71 degree
Seat Angle73 degree
HubsShimano STX Special Edition Parallox hub,quick release, 135 – mm rear axle spacing
Spokes32, 14 – guage stainless steel, 3 cross
RimsMatrix Single Track Pro
TiresTrek Big Khuna system, 26 X 2.1
DerailleursShimano STX limited Edition, Shimano STX limited Edition Rapid – Fire plus shifters
ChainsShimano upgrade
CranksetShimamo STX Limited Edition, Shimano Hyperdrive (steel inner rings, 175mm crank arms)
BrakesShimano STX Limited Edition
PedalsTrek  system ; nylon clips, nylon straps
HeadsetTange Apices
SeatpostTrek system 1 alloy,350mm
SaddleTrek system 2
Bar StemTrek system 3 6061 T6 alloy bars Trek system 2 Cro – Moly 12cm Stem
Bottom BracketShimano Cartridge
FreewheelShimano 7 – speed cassette


Trek 7000 Features


The frame of a bike is a major determinant of its longevity. There are qualities of frames you should always look out for when getting a bike. These include strength, durability, and lightweight.

The frame of the 1991 Trek 7000 is made of Easton 7129 E9 tapered aluminum tubing, while Alpha aluminum was used in the latest version of the Trek 7000 in the year 2000. With the latter encompassing the qualities mentioned above, the bike’s durability and longevity have greatly improved.

While the 1991 Trek 7000 frame can wear and tear after more than five years of use, the Alpha aluminum frame offers the solution to this complication, improving the longevity behind ten years if not constantly on a rough ride.

The geometry of the bike is impressive. The frame is a more compliant frame that retains the acceleration, paving the way for a lighter, more compliant ride. The TIG-wielded frame also allows for a quick response which is ideal for climbing.

Its lightweight enables you to accelerate uphills, especially the loftiest hills, easily. It also improves your speed when riding. In general, If you are looking for a bike with a durable, responsive, and lightweight frame, you should consider the Trek 7000; it is a good one to have.


The Bontrager Jones AC tires of Trek 7000 are known for their proven grip during descent and normal riding or climbing. Although the tires differ slightly, this diversity makes up for a perfect and effective combination.The wheel size is 26″ wheels, in the rear is 26×2.00, while the front is 20×2.10, marking the slight difference.

The front tire provides enough grip while going down with the brakes. The rear tire provides adequate grip during normal riding or ascent.Most riders are always happy with the dynamics of the tires, as they are built for easy commuting, dirt roads, and the Eastern trail.

Front Fork

The front fork of Trek 7000, which is made of SR Suntour NEX with 80mm (3.15″ ) travel, is what we can call the “panel of stability.” Although the fork-linked front wheel lacks a fastener and is not easy to install, it guarantees stability.

The outstanding fork of this bike is responsible for absorbing shocks and bumps. It ensures the wheels remain in contact with the ground, thus enhancing your control while offering you a stable and comfortable ride.

The stock fork includes a quick-release dust cover to keep it clean, which is something uneasy to note on new mountain bikes.

For a bike of age, the fork guarantees comfort and stability, with a pleasant ride assured.


Trek 7000 possesses an alloy cable pull brake which is an inadequate brake but a low-cost one. It is not the best, even though it is an old design.

Trek 7000’s brakes are prone to increasing the braking distance. They require more braking force, especially when going downhill, which is inconvenient.

The force and power your hand generates determines the effectiveness of your brake. The only trophy that the brake has is the low cost of its construction.

The brakes are generally acceptable, as they assure effectiveness and economical maintenance. Even though it is acceptable, I still propose you upgrade the disc brakes, which are pricey, but the enhancement is worth it.


All thanks to the upgrade from the 1991 Trek 7000’s 3×7 drivetrain to the 3×9 drivetrain of the 2000’s Trek 7000, there has been a clear improvement in the power delivery, thereby enhancing the movement of the drive wheels.

The 21-speed added to some of the new models allows for more gears which equals a higher range of shifting. The compact rear gear is an 11-tooth pinion, and the flywheel’s 22-tooth gears give the larger wheel and upper hand for steep hill climbing and a fast ride, all thanks to the increased transmission ratio (2×).

Handlebars (Icon Onyx)

The handlebars of the Trek 7000 are formulated with an adjustable design and a comfortable grip. It can be adjusted and enhanced to accommodate the differences between male and female bikers.

It employs different handlebar lengths and frame sizes, thereby ensuring a comfortable grip which in itself is dynamic. Although Trek primarily uses Bontrager alloy handlebars which slightly lack durability, the quality of the Trek 7000 handlebars is not bad.

If you are not so keen on the modernity of a bike’s grip as long as it offers comfort, then the handlebars are good for you.


The two-saddle system used in the 1991’s Trek 7000 and the 2000’s edition has received few complaints.The first edition (1991) comes with the Trek System 2 saddle, and the Bontrager FS 2000 was used with the Trek 7000 in 2000. While Bontrager FS 2000 is more long-lasting, the two systems ensure comfort and support the rider’s weight on their sit bones effectively.

Weight And Weight Limit Of Trek 7000

Trek 7000 is a lightweight mountain bike that weighs 25.16 pounds or 11.41 kg. It is a bike that is perfect for ride lovers who want the longevity and performance of a heavy-duty bike with the convenience and mobility of a regular mountain bike.The lighter frame construction of this bike makes it easier to move through tight spaces or climb steep hills.

Quite the opposite, the weight limit of the Trek 7000 mountain bike is 300 lbs or 130 kg, which means that bigger riders can even enjoy riding the bike comfortably.


Trek 7000 cannot be categorized as the most beautiful bike, but it is undoubtedly part of the most attractive one. It is designed to give a sleek finishing touch with colors like black, white, blue, green, and yellow, of which there are many variants.

The Trek 7000 is available with a silver color scheme detailed with some black decals. This blends in nicely with the exposed suspension of the SR Suntour fork and lets the bike look suitably accessible on the eye.

Trek 7000 Mountain Bike Key Features

  • 300 lbs or 130 kg weight limit.
  • Perfect for all types of riding!
  • Shifting is fast, and maneuvering is easy!
  • Comfortable Saddle
  • Smooth Pedals

Pros And Cons


Affordable Price Tag

You can purchase this exceptional bike at an affordable price. The cost of the Trek 7000 is around $500 for a start; thus, having this Mountain bike with impressive characteristics and qualities is a good investment.

Lighter And Stronger Frame

With a lighter frame, you can easily move up steeps. It is strong to withstand your weight when you sit on its saddle.

You will enjoy this bike for a long time with adequate care.

It Is Function As A Mountain  And A Road Bike

This bike can be named ” hybrid,” as it can thrive on various terrains. The Trek 7000 promises a good ride on both urban and remote terrains.

It Is A Good Bike For Beginners

The affordability and simplicity of this bike make it a good choice for beginners. Beginners can start and practice with this bike.

The weight, which is 25.08 pounds or 11.41 kg, makes it a great beginner bike.

Easy To Maneuver And Ride    

You can easily maneuver tight spaces or climb steep hills without the fear of breakage and wear and tear with this bike.


The Brakes Require More Braking Force

As aforementioned, the Trek 7000’s brakes are prone to increase braking distance, and they require more braking force, especially during descent which is not convenient and easy.

How Much Does A Trek 7000 Cost?

To get a Trek 7000 costs around $500 for a start, which is an affordable option to other mountain bikes on the market.You should note that Trek 7000 does have some characteristics that may make it more expensive overall. For example, the Trek 7000 comes with SRAM MRX and 7-speed twist gears, which can be costly to replace.

In addition, the frame is stronger than other models, which means it guarantees durability. Notwithstanding, it is still an affordable option overall and should fit most budgets.


You would know all the key specs, features, pros, and cons of the Trek 7000 Mountain Bike. It is also aware of its current market price, weight, and other specifications.

If you are in search of a mountain bike that can take any terrain and provides a smooth ride, the Trek 7000 Mountain Bike is an excellent option for you!


What Size Is A Trek 7000?

The Frame Size of the Trek 7000 mountain bike comes in 15, 17.5, 20, and 22.5″ sizes.

What Year Was Trek 7000 Made?

Trek 7000 was first introduced in 1991 and continued up to 2000.

Where Was Trek 7000 Mountain Bike Built?

The bike was hand-built in the USA in 1991.

How Much Does A Trek 7000 Weigh?

Trek 7000 Mountain bike’s weight is 25.08 pounds/ 11.41 kg.

What Kind Of Bike Is A Trek 7000?

Trek 7000 is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike.

How Long Does A Trek Bike Last?

The longevity of a bike and its constant efficiency depend on how you use and maintain it. The frames of Trek bikes are strong and durable; it promises more than ten years if well maintained.

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