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Is The Trek 4900 Disc A Good Mountain Bike ( Trek 4900 Review )

Popularly known around 2003, Trek 4900 has been one of the favorite mountain bikes for most riders who like to ride off-road, on rough terrain, or even on an adventure trail.

However, there are several Trek 4900 models, including 2002,2003,2006,2012,2013, among others. Most importantly, all these models have things in common with slight differences and modifications. Notwithstanding, you can easily find the 2012 Trek 4900 Disc among trial riders.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll give well informative details on the specifications, pros, and cons, including some basic features of the 2012 Trek 4900 Disc mountain bike.

Is The Trek 4900 Disc A Good Mountain Bike

It’s no doubt that when you’re talking about a mountain bike that is perfect for trials and suitable for commuting, the Trek 4900 Disc mountain bike is one of them. You can climb and descent uphill perfectly and ride over rough and challenging terrain with Trek 4900 Disc.

Most importantly, the major essential classified performance of the Trek 4900 Disc is descending, climbing, and general road riding. However, before moving further, let’s check how Trek 4900 Disc performs well in these three aspects.


The confidence in descending hills with a Trek 4900 Disc mountain bike is superb. That is one of the actual performances that makes most mountain riders go for it.

Most importantly, the ability to descend hills might not be possible without the support of its Suntour SF9-XCR 100mm travel Shock Fork. The shock Fork is strong and reliable when riding over bumps or meeting several obstacles.


Trek 4900 disc has many supportive and reliable features when climbing uphills. One of them is its 3X10 drivetrain, which makes mountain riding comfortable and riding over obstacles easy.

Moreover, another advantage Trek 4900 disc has is 26″X2.1″ tires, which is a good fit for rough and tough terrain. Also, it can easily grip uneven surfaces with amazing traction. In short, Trek 4900 is a good fit for those that like to climb uphills.

General Road Riding

Another advantage of the Trek 4900 disc is its ability to perform well on different terrains. As you can ride it on rough trails, you can also use it for commuting on the road.

Moreover, it has fast-breaking and can easily ride over bumps and hard surfaces. Therefore, you worry less when using Trek 4900 discs for road and off-road riding.

Trek 4900 Mountain Bike Specifications

FrameAlpha Gold Aluminum w/semi integrated Head tube, framed down tube w/integrated gusset, formed top tube, monastery seatstay, forged dropouts w/rack & fender mounts, replaceable derailleur hanger
WheelsShimano RM66, Central lock, alloy hubs; Bontrager AT – 850 discs 32 – hole rims
Front ForkFront Fork
Front DerailleurShimano Deore
Rear DerailleurShimano Deore Shadow
CrankShimano M522, 42/32/24
ShiftersShimano Deore M591 10 Speed
PedalsWellgo alloy platform
CassetteShimano HG62 – 10 – 11- 36,10 speed
SaddleBontrager Evoke 1
Seat PostBontrager SSR 31.6mm, 20mm offset
StemBontrager Race lite, 31.8mm
HandlebarBontrager low Riser OS, 31.8mm, 15mm rise, 9 – degree sweep
Bontrager low Riser OS, 31.8mm, 15mm rise, 9 – degree sweep1 – 1/8” threadless, Semi-Integrated, Semi – Cartridge bearings
BrakesetShimano M446 hydraulic disc brakes
ColorsGloss Metalic Black, Crystal Pearl White
GripsBontrager SSR
RimsBontrager Ronger rims

Trek 4900 Disc Features

Below are the listed main features of the Trek 4900 Disc

Alpha Gold Aluminum Frame

The Trek 4900 Disc was made with an Alpha Gold aluminum frame, the standard frame material for most mountain bikes. However, not only is it strong and durable, but it’s also easy to clean and maintain. Inclusively, the color of the frame is eye-catching and adorable.

Moreover, the aluminum frame is lightweight; you can easily carry and move it from one place to another without stress. Also, the Alpha Gold Aluminum frame promises a comfortable riding experience.

Front Fork

An excellent front Fork is one of the most significant features of a perfect mountain bike. Just like others, Trek 4900 Disk comes with Suntour SF9-XCR 100mm travel, which is capable of riding on rough roads and is ideal for mountain rides.

Most importantly, the front fork has a remote lockout attached to the bike’s handlebar, making it easier to engage the lock without getting off the bike. Therefore, without argument, the front fork of the Trek 4900 Disc is helpful on a challenging trial.


Trek 4900 Disk mountain bike comes with a Shimano 3X10 drivetrain suitable for mountain bikes. This drivetrain comprises a component that can keep pedaling efficient and give you comfortable riding up and down trials.

Moreover, the confident Shimano 3X10 drivetrain that gives most riders when cycling rough terrain is remarkable. It has improved stability with reliable front shifting. But sadly, the drivetrain is not ideal for beginners.


One of the essential qualities of a good-fit mountain bike is a strong, reliable, and wide tire that can take a grip on solid or challenging terrain. However, Trek 4900 Disc comes with Bontrager XR2 tires, though not so wide but not the narrowest.

Generally, out of many things, Bontrager XR2 promises a firm condition on hard surfaces, better traction for trial conditions, and fast-rolling with consistency. The size of the tire is 26X2.1.”

Hydraulic Disc Brake

Trek 4900 Disc uses a hydraulic disc brake, which is known to be one of the most performance and efficient brake types. If you check most Trek mountain bikes, they all use hydraulic disc brakes. Maybe, that’s what gives them an advantage over others.

Moreover, using a hydraulic disc brake gives less friction which makes it easier to climb and descend hills.


Trek 4900 Disc comes with a Bontrager Low Riser OS with 3.8mm, which can be adjusted to 15mm if your height doesn’t fit the bike. Another common thing is that the handlebar promises a comfortable ride position.


Another inevitable feature of the Trek 4900 Disc bike is its amazing and eye-catching colors. The common colors of the Trek 4900 mountain bike are Gloss Metallic Black and Pearl white.

Pros And Cons Of Trek 4900 Mountain Bike



As a lightweight bike is one of the preferences of most mountain riders, Trek 4900 mountain bike was made with a lightweight aluminum frame which makes it easier and faster to maneuver challenging trials. Moreover, the geometry of the frame is so supportive of mountain biking.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Trek 4900 mountain bike comes with a hydraulic disc brake, which is the most convenient for ascending and descending hills.

Adjustable Handlebars

The handlebar of the Trek 4900 mountain bike is adjustable. You can increase the height of the handlebar from 13.8mm to 15mm in case it doesn’t fit your height. However, doing this will give you a comfortable riding position.


Another thing that’s special about Trek 4900 mountain bike is its affordability. Despite being a mid-range bike, you can get the bike at a low price.

Perfect Front Shock

The front shock of the Trek 4900 mountain bike is incredible; you can ride over bumps and other obstacles as it can absorb and give you a comfortable riding experience.

It Has Beautiful Colors

The colors used for Trek 4900 mountain bikes are eye-catching, making the bike look good and attractive.

It has other components

Lastly, Trek 4900 mountain bike has additional qualities like fender mounting holes, mudguards, and racks.


These are the major complaints of most riders about Trek 4900 mountain bikes:

• The tires of Trek 4900 are not wide enough and also flexible; as a result, the ability to grip challenging or rough terrain is reduced.
• Sometimes the rebound fork of Trek 4900 can make noise.
• Some riders complain that the first chainrings of the Trek 4900 mountain bike are small.


Typically, every bike has strengths and weaknesses; no bike is perfect. That’s why it’s essential for you as a rider to carefully consider and compare different bikes to know the most suitable for you.

The fact is, what is suitable for one might not be suitable for another. Therefore, here are comparisons between Trek 4900 and other notable bikes.

Trek Roscoe 7 Mountain Bike Vs. Trek 4900 Disc


Comparing Trek 4900 disc to the Trek Roscoe mountain bike on price range, you discovered that Trek Roscoe 7 mountain bike is more expensive than Trek 4900. Notwithstanding, its quality covers the price because it’s more vigorous and stable when climbing and descending hills than Trek 4900.


Trek Roscoe 7 mountain bike is lighter than Trek 4900 disc though they both share the same material, Alpha Gold aluminum frame. Trek 4900 drivetrain is heavier than Trek Roscoe 7 mountain bike, affecting the overall weight.


The tires of the Trek Roscoe 7 mountain bike are wider with more strong grip compared to Trek 4900 disc. This gives the advantage of climbing and descending hills more effectively than Trek 4900. Nonetheless, both are perfect for trails.

Trek Marlin 8 Mountain Bike Vs. Trek 4900 Disc


Both Trek Marlin 8 mountain bike and Trek 4900 disc are affordable. They both share almost the same amount of price. However, despite the cost of the Trek Marlin 8 mountain bike, it’s known to share the same quality as the high-end bikes, while Trek 4900 disc shares mid-range bike qualities.


The overall weight of the Trek Marlin 8 mountain bike and Trek 4900 disc is almost the same. While Trek Marlin 8 has an overall weight of 29.1 lbs, Trek 4900 discs weigh 29.8 lbs.

Schwinn Bonafide Men’s Mountain Bike Vs. Trek 4900 Disc

Brake Type

Schwinn Bonafide men’s mountain bike uses mechanical disc brakes while Trek 4900 disc uses hydraulic disc brakes. However, both brakes are a good fit for climbing and descending hills.

Aluminum Frame

Schwinn Bonafide mountain bike and Trek 4900 disc were made with aluminum frame material. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight mountain bike, they’re both a good fit. However, the Trek 4900 disc has high configuration than Schwinn Bonafide mountain bikes.


If you like commuting around the neighborhood or from home to your office, Trek 4900 disc and Schwinn Bonafide mountain bike are good ideas. Though they are mountain bikes, they’re also suitable for commuter riders.

People Also Ask Questions

What Is The Body Weight Of The Trek 4900?

The total body weight of the Trek 4900 mountain bike is 31.5 lbs. However, the frame weighs around 3.8 to 4 lbs of the 31.5 lbs.

What Frame Sizes Are Available For The Trek 4900 Disc?

The frame size of the Trek 4900 disc includes 13,16,18,19.5,22.5″. However, don’t just buy any frame size, but instead, make sure you check your inseam length and your height before buying the suitable bike size for yourself.

What Are The Versions Of Trek 4900?

Even since the launching of the first Trek 4900 bike, several versions have been produced, including 2003,2006,2012,2013,2014, and others. All these versions retain some similarities, but they still have slight differences and modifications.


The Trek 4900 is a versatile mountain bike that most riders prefer getting compared to others. It has some mountain bike features, including a lightweight aluminum frame, strong and reliable tires, perfect front fork for climbing hills. Trek 4900 is not the best, but it’s suitable for mountain and trail riders.

Therefore, if you’re a lover of trials, mountain riding, and others, you can consider getting Trek 4900 as it’s one of the superb Trek mountain bikes. Moreover, you can also use it for commuting around.

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