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Is The Trek 4500 Mountain Bike A Good Bike? [Trek 4500 Review]

It is important you carefully consider what a bike has to offer you before spending your money on it. Hence, you can know if a bike is a good one when you analyze its features and specifications.

Although certain qualities make a good bike, you may be looking out for some that suit your desire. Furthermore, Trek 4500, a Trek 4 series bike, may be the bike that will meet that need.

This article supplies information on Trek 4500 mountain bike’s specifications, features, pros, and cons. So, be relaxed and open-minded as we explore this bike.

Is The Trek 4500 Mountain Bike A Good Bike?

Yes, Trek 4500 bike is a good bike. It is an excellent hardtail mountain bike whose features offer a smooth, satisfying and comfortable ride.

Specifications Of Trek 4500 Bike

If you want to know this bike’s specifications, study the table below.

Features    Type
Frame Size13,16,18,19.5, 21,22.5,24 inches
FrameAlpha black Aluminum w/externally relieved head tube, hydroformed bi-axial down tube, monastery seat stays, forged disc-ready dropouts
Front SuspensionRockShox Dart & w/preload, lockout 100mm
WheelsShimano M475 disc hubs, Bont rager Camino rims
TiresBontrager lones ACX, 26 x 2.1”, 29tpi
ShiftersShimano Deore, 9 speed
Front DerailleurShimano Deore
Rear DerailleurShimano Deore
CrankShimano M442 Octalink 44/33/22
CassetteSRAM PG950 11- 34, 9 Speed
Seat PostBontrager Sport
HandlebarsBontrager Crowbar Sport, 25mm rise
StemBontrager Sport, 10 degree
HeadsetAheadset slim stack w/semi–cartridge bearings, sealed
BrakesetAvid SD – 3 w/ALLOY LEVERS
ShadleBontrager Race Basic Lux
PedalsAlloy platform

Features Of Trek 4500 Bike

Let’s talk about its features and the incredible qualities it possesses.

Alpha Black Aluminum Frame

The Alpha Black Aluminum frame boosts your ride quality because of its lightness and strength. Trek manufacturers use aluminum to make Trek bike frames because its lightness improves a rider’s speed and acceleration. Hence, you have the speed advantage when using light Mountain bikes like Trek 4500.

Also, you can easily ride on hills due to the bike’s lightness. If it were to be a heavy bike, you would not be able to ride easily on hills. In addition to its lightweight, some frame features contribute to achieving a leisurely climb up hills and better handling. These frame features are:

  • tight head tube angle
  • double axial down tube
  • tight short tube, that is, there is a short distance between the head tube and seat tube

Regardless, this strong frame preserves the structure of the frame when loads are put on it. Hence, it can bear your weight and withstand the stress of several terrains. Its rear triangle design also assists in achieving a stronger and stiffer frame.

Additionally, with the excellent qualities that this frame offers,  this frame is mid to high-end. This means you can purchase the frame at a moderate or expensive price. This aluminum frame does not rust. With proper care, this frame will remain effective for years.


This bike is a hardtail mountain bike, which means it has only front shocks or suspensions in its fork. However, full-suspension mountain bikes have both front and rear suspensions.

The unique quality of hardtail mountain bikes is their suspension of travel, likewise called fork travel. What does this mean? It is the quantity of force and shocks the suspension can absorb.

As you ride through bumpy terrains, these suspensions absorb shocks to ensure you have a smooth ride and eliminate body pains as much as possible. Furthermore, a bike with a 100mm travel suspension will absorb more shocks than a bike with 80mm.

This bike has a 100mm suspension of travel. For a beginner and intermediate rider, 100mm fork travel is great. But, experienced riders prefer fork travels of 120mm and above.

Hence, this bike is an excellent bike for beginners and intermediates. But for experienced and enthusiastic riders who like to perform different skills on rough trails, will consider the bike’s fork travel not enough.

27-Speed Gearing

Mountain bikes that have 27-speed gearing are rare. This is an amazing feature that enables you to have a range of gears to select from. Using your shifters, you can easily switch to the gear appropriate for that terrain, hill, and so on.

Moreover,  this 27-speed gear is a product of three chainrings which forms a chainset and a 9-speed cassette.


This bike has front and rear V-brakes. V-brakes are also called direct-pull cantilever brakes. They make use of cables to operate. They have a good braking performance like disc brakes. However, disc brakes are more efficient in rocky terrains.

V-brakes are less expensive than disc brakes. For this reason, Trek engineers used V-brakes in this bike. Thus, you can purchase this bike at a moderate price. V-brakes are easy to maintain and replace. They also do not stress the hubs of your bike’s wheel.

Nonetheless, if you want a better brake performance, you can replace the V-brakes with either mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes. Disc brakes have become more preferred by bike riders. Although they are quite expensive, they offer many benefits that will make your ride a satisfying one. Thus, it is worth purchasing.

Bontrager 26 X 2.1″ Tires

Some Bontrager Trek tires are 26-inch wheel diameter and 2-inch tire width. An example is Trek 3500 bike. However, Trek 4500 has an extra tire width of 0.1 inches, which makes its tire width 2.1 inches.

You may be asking, what is the benefit of this additional increase in tire width? The answer is simple; You need to know that the greater the tire width, the more surface area the tire will cover, thus,  more contact with the ground.

This means a 2.2 or 2.4-inch tire width will have better traction than 2.1 inches. If you want better traction, you can change to 2.2 or 2.4 tire width even though 2.1  offers good traction. Also, it offers a more stable ride.

Regardless, you should select the Bontrager tire that will suit you.

Pros And Cons


Tires With Good Grip

This bike guarantees a stable ride because of its good gripping tires. The benefits of these tires are

  • They make good contact with the ground, which prevents you from sustaining injuries and ensures your safety.
  • It offers a balanced ride. You won’t fall off and then become injured.
  • Its strong sidewalls and good grip ensure good cornering or turning.
  • During braking, the tires will respond quickly.

Therefore, you will enjoy the above benefits that Trek 26 X 2.1-inch tires give. However, you need to know that the greater the tire width, the greater the grip.

It Is A Great Bike For Beginners And Intermediates.

This is a good bike for beginners and a good choice for intermediate riders. Who is an intermediate rider, you may ask? An intermediate rider knows bike riding more than a beginner, and is regarded higher than a beginner but has not gotten to the level of an expert.

The features of this bike promise them a wonderful mountain biking experience. For a beginner, you can buy this fantastic bike to enjoy a comfortable bike. For intermediates, you can take your mountain biking to another new level using this bike.

Fork Travel Of 100mm

This fork travel reduces the effect of bumps on your body. As you ride through rough terrains, this fork travel reduces or completely prevents (depending on the roughness of the terrain) the impact of bumps and shocks on your body.

Furthermore, the aim is to prevent your body aches and ensure you have a safe ride. Also, this fork travel’s function is to secure a smooth ride even though you are riding through rough surfaces.

Solid Aluminum Frame That Comes In Different Sizes

Its frame is solid, light, and durable. They come in different sizes to accommodate various riders’ heights. The table below shows several frame sizes and compatible riders’ height ranges.

Note: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL represents extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large, respectively.

 Frame Size    (inches)Riders’ Height    ( cent )  Frame size
13147 – 155cmXS
16153 – 162cmS
18161 – 172cmM
19.5170 – 179 cmL
21177 – 188cmXL
22.5186 – 196 cmXXL
24195 – 203cmXXL

Great Handling

This bike has a well-constructed frame, good tires, and gears that ensure great handling. The frames also have sizes for different height ranges, and this helps you pick the size compatible with your height which in turn improves your control.

You will encounter difficulty when handling your bike if you pick a frame size that is not compatible with your height. Thus, choose right. For reference, the table is shown above.


Some Enthusiastic Riders May Frown At The Bike   

Although beginners and intermediates enjoy this bike, experienced, enthusiastic, and energetic riders may consider this bike, not their ideal choice.  The reason is that they like to perform different tricks and skills while riding.

So, riders who love this kind of ride may frown at this bike because it may not be able to give them an excellent skill performance. However, Trek 4500 serves many purposes, and you can upgrade it to suit your desired purpose. For example, you can change only the tires and brakes, and you’ll be surprised by the bike’s performance.

V-Brakes Do Not Offer The Best Performance

Many riders presently prefer disc brakes. Trek engineers used V-brakes to cut down on cost yet provide a good and effective brake. Even though they are effective, disc brakes are more effective.

That being said, If you prefer disc brakes, go for them. If you are content with the performance of V-brakes, then stick with them. It all depends on you, what you want, and what is comfortable for you.

Comparison Of Trek 4500 And Trek 820 Bike

Trek 4500 and Trek 820 bikes are mountain bikes with a 26-inch wheel size as their significant similarity. Although they are both beginner bikes, Trek 4500 offers better qualities.

The table below provides information on their differences.

FeaturesTrek 4500Trek 820
FrameAlpha Black AluminumTrek Custom Steel
Speed Number2721
Tire Width2.1 inches2.0 inches
Fork Travel100mm80mm
Weight30 lbs34 lbs ( 15.4kg)

From the table, let’s discuss some of their features.

Trek 820’s Steel frame is as strong as Trek 4500’s Alpha Black Aluminum. However, Trek 820 is about 2-pound heavier; thus Trek 4500 bike has a lighter frame.

Moreover, other differences are Trek 4500 has a wider gear range, a wider tire, a higher fork travel, and is more lightweight than Trek 820 bike.


Trek 4500 is an excellent bike, and if you desire to purchase one, you are not making a mistake. You can purchase it at a moderate price. Hence, you will enjoy the following without spending so much money.

These excellent features are a solid, durable, and light aluminum frame, good gripping tires, 27-speed gearing, 100mm fork travel, and so on. Therefore, if you have been searching for these features in a bike, then you have found the right bike that contains these features.

Moreover, beginners and intermediates should grab Trek 4500 bikes because it will give them a wonderful experience. Experienced riders can also try this bike, and if they wish to upgrade any feature, they can do that easily. Remember, you have to properly and regularly maintain your bike so that it can operate efficiently for many years.

People Also Ask

What Are The Various Frame Sizes Of Trek 4500 Bikes?

The available frame sizes of Trek 4500 are 13, 16, 18, 19.5, 21, 22.5, and 24 inches.

What Is The Body Weight Of The Trek 4500?

Trek 4500 weighs about 30 lbs.

What Is The Trek Alpha 4500 Weight Limit?

It can carry a maximum weight of 300 pounds (136 kg).

What Is The Trek 4500 Mountain Bike Price?

You can purchase this bike for about $799 or more.

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