Is Trek 4300 A Good Bike? (Trek 4300 Review)

The Trek brand is devoted to manufacturing bikes of outstanding quality. Trek has a good reputation for producing high-quality frames that are durable and beautifully designed.

You may still have doubts and ask these questions; Is Trek 4300 bike a good bike? Is Trek 4300 bike a good mountain bike? Can I use this bike for fun in my free time?

In this article, I’ll answer all your questions in detail, including all your doubts.

Trek 4300 Review

Is Trek 4300 A Good Bike?

Yes, it is a good bike. It is a good mountain bike designed to handle the roughness of trails. It is also an incredible leisure bike.  It comprises excellent features like a durable aluminum frame, good shocks, a broad range of gears, and fast-rolling tires.

Trek 4300 Mountain Bike Specifications

All you need to know about Trek 4300 bike specifications are in the table below.

FrameGold Alpha Aluminum
CrankShimano Acera MS91 42/32/22
ForkSuntour suspension 100mm travel
Front DerailleurShimano Acero
Rear DerailleurShimano Acera M391
RimsDouble – walled 32H w/Bontrager AT- 650
BrakesetShimano M391 Hydraulic disc brakes
Tires26 x 2.2 inches Bontrager XR2
ShiftersShimano Acera M390 9 speeds
CassetteShimano HG20 9 speed 11 – 34
Front ForkSpinner 300 with 100mm travel and will spring lockout
PedalsWell go Nylon Platform
Gears27 speed

Trek 4300 Features

The features of a Trek 4300 bike and the materials used to produce them are explained below. These features guarantee a good performance when you ride.


There are good qualities of a frame that you should look out for whenever you want to get a bike. These are strength, lightweight, and durability. The material used to produce Trek 4300 bike is Alpha Gold Aluminum, and this material supplies the qualities aforementioned.

Furthermore, Alpha Gold Aluminum is known for its strength (stiffness); it can hold the rider’s weight or cycling loads without damage. Its lightweight enables you to accelerate up hills, especially the steepest hills, easily. Also, it improves your speed when riding.

Trek 4300 bike frames are formed through the process of subjecting Alpha Gold Aluminum to high-pressure fluid (hydroforming). The frame can have curved regions using this process, and the frame tube attains the shape of the mold. Therefore, Trek manufacturers with excellent welding skills can produce a variety of frame shapes. Hydroforming gives the bike a sporty or race geometry and accounts for its durability. Hence, you can enjoy using Trek 4300 bike for a long time if you properly maintain it.


The Bontrager XR2 tires of Trek 4300 bikes are regarded as fast-rolling. They are exceptionally good at adapting quickly to different conditions of the terrain. Thus, these tires deliver consistent traction (grip) in rough and rugged terrains.

The inner tire casing is made up of nylon. Nylon protects the sidewall of the tires and withstands pressure exerted on the tires. Hence, these tires are solid and durable.

Trek 4300 tires are tubeless, and this comes with several advantages. It protects against punctures, and when punctured, you have sufficient time to ride to the place it can be repaired because tubeless tires slowly deflate. Other advantages are improved stability, comfortable ride, and durability.


The outstanding suspensions of this bike are responsible for absorbing shocks and bumps. Also, it ensures the tires remain in contact with the ground, enhances your control, and offers you a comfortable ride. So, this bike’s suspensions reduce or prevent you from having body pains after a long and rough ride.

You need to properly maintain them so they can remain in good working condition for a long time.


This bike operates on Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. These hydraulic disc brakes are better than their mechanical counterparts because they require little effort and are easy to use.

Moreover, when you want to apply the brakes, you need minimum force to bring the bike to a stop. Another interesting fact about these brakes is that they respond promptly.

Dirt does not easily collect around the pads and brake lines, but when it does, it does not gain access to the brakes. Nonetheless, you should be able to do maintenance once in a while. In addition, you need to learn to maintain hydraulic brakes using hydraulic fluid for efficiency appropriately.


Trek 4300 bike’s cables are internally arranged in the frame. This way, the cables are protected in the frame, and they are not exposed to rust and wear. It is important to note that their ports are connected to the seat and head tubes so that the derailleur can run through its frame. This setup aims to achieve a clean, quiet, and smooth ride.


This bike has 27 speeds. You may be wondering how we arrived at this answer. I have good news for you; calculating your bike speed is easy. Follow the steps below if you want to calculate your bike’s speed.

  • Count the number of front gears (chainrings).
  • Count the number of rear gears (cogs).
  • Multiply the number of front gears by the rear gears.
  • That being said, Trek 4300 bike has 3 and 9 front and rear gears, respectively. Hence, 3 X 9 = 27.

This range of gears allows you to ride through rough surfaces and hills effortlessly. Also, the gears, derailleur, and crankset combined function give you a fantastic performance when riding through harsh conditions of the track.


Although Trek 4300 bike is not the most beautiful bike, this bike can not be categorized under the group of unattractive ones. It is designed to give an excellent finishing touch with colors like white, blue, black, green, and black.

It is uniquely designed with one color for its frame and fork, while its saddle is designed with another color. For example, its frame and fork can be painted brown, while the saddle has white decals.

Pros And Cons


It Has A Light, Strong And Durable Frame

You can easily move up hills because its weight is light. It is strong to bear your weight when you sit on its saddle, and you will enjoy this bike for a long time under adequate care.

It Is Affordable   

You can get this excellent bike at an affordable price. Getting this Mountain bike with impressive features and qualities is an excellent investment.

Good Shocks (Suspensions)

They deliver a comfortable ride by absorbing shocks as you ride on unpaved surfaces.

Mudguards, Fenders, And Racks Can Be Mounted On It

This bike can accommodate mudguards, fenders, and racks. Mudguards, usually made of plastic or rubber, are protective caps that cover the wheels of your bike. As you ride over water or mud, mudguards prevent the throwing off of water or mud, thereby protecting your clothes and that of others from stains. They also prevent dirt from sticking to the wheels or other parts of your bike, which may lead to damage.

The difference between fenders and mudguards is fenders fully cover the wheel while mudguards do not. Fenders are used when it is raining to prevent the splashing of water. The pictures of fenders and mudguards are represented below.


trek 4300 fender


trek 4300 mudguard

From the pictures above, fenders have bolts on the fork and frame while mudguards clip to the fork.

Furthermore, you can place a load or any useful item on the rack mounted on the rear wheel of your Trek 4300 bike. This will be of help later on, especially if the journey is a long one.

It Is A Good Bike For Beginners

Beginners can start to learn and practice with this bike. Also, beginners can purchase it at an affordable price.

Suppose you are looking for a Mountain bike that you can ride in your free time. You don’t have to search anymore; the Trek 4300 is a great leisure bike.

  • It has an increased frame clearance at the rear wheels
  • A frame clearance is a space between the tire and any non-wheel part of the bike’s frame. The benefits of an increased frame clearance are
  • The accumulation of mud will not easily hinder you from riding. That means your motion will only be restricted if the amount of mud is large enough to cover that space.
  • It allows you to fix bigger tires if the need arises.

Nevertheless, it is essential to note that the minimum frame clearance is 3mm. This prevents your bike tires from rubbing hard against the non-wheel parts during acceleration. As a result, you avoid injuries and avoid causing damage to your bike.


Poor Damping Of Spinner Forks

Suspensions are found at the front (bike’s fork) and rear (between the swingarm and frame). The forks of this bike consist of a spring and a damper. The spring and the damper work together to absorb shocks and achieve a smooth and comfortable ride.

The front suspension found in the forks of the bike has poor damping. Poor damping leads to the instability of the bike on extremely rough surfaces. Therefore, this bike will not offer a comfortable ride on extremely rough terrains.

Produces Clangs On Rebounds

The damper compresses and rebounds to control the oscillation of the suspension spring. During the rebound, the damper returns the oscillating spring to its original position. This process generates a disturbing clanging sound.

How Much Does A Trek 4300 Cost?

If you want to buy a Trek 4300 Mountain bike, you can get it for about 300 dollars. You can get a brand new bike with this amount. Nonetheless, if you purchase a fairly new Trek 4300 bike, ensure it is still efficient.

Individuals often invest their money on fairly new bikes because they are cheap, but sooner or later, they discover that these bikes are not in good condition. That being said, it is advisable to invest in a sparkling new one.


Trek 4300 bike is an excellent Mountain bike for beginners. It is a good foundational bike to learn how to ride on rough trails. You may need to change some of its components if you want to venture into rougher terrains.

  • It is also a recreational bike. You can use this bike for the sole purpose of relaxing or having fun.
  • It has fantastic features of a light, strong, and durable frame—mounts for mudguards, fenders, and racks. An increased frame clearance, and if you are looking for an affordable and attractive bike, Trek 4300 got you covered.

People Also Ask

What Size Bike Is A Trek 4300?

Trek 4300 bikes come with 26-inch wheel sizes and different frame sizes. This Mountain bike is built with several frame sizes so riders can choose which one best suits their height. Trek 4300 frame sizes are 13, 16, 18, 19.5, 21, 22.5, and 24 inches.

What Years Were Trek 4300 Made?

The manufacturers of Trek 4300 bikes produced and released their first model of this bike in the year 2000. This bike was designed with red and gloss red colors. In the years 2001, 2002, and 2003 various models were released. In 2003 a model called a non-gender specific bike was released.

How Long Does A Trek Bike Last?

How long a bike will last and remain efficient depends on how you use and maintain it. The frames of Trek bikes are strong and durable. Hence, they can withstand wear and tear and require little maintenance.

Nevertheless, the mechanical parts like the brakes, derailleur, shifters, chainrings and cassette require regular maintenance.

Where Are Trek Bikes Made?

The headquarters of Trek is located in Wisconsin, USA. Even though Trek’s headquarters is in the United States of America (USA), most Trek bikes are manufactured in China, Taiwan, the Netherlands, and Germany.

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