Is Trek 3700 A Good Bike Or Not Worth It? (Trek 3700 Review)

Whenever you want to buy a new bike, you find yourself asking questions about the qualities of the bike. You do this to ascertain if it is suitable for the intended need.

Consequently, you may be pondering these questions. Is Trek 3700 bike a good bike? Is this bike worth it?

Nevertheless, this simple bike consists of an array of remarkable features. This article supplies more information on Trek 3700 bikes.

Trek 3700 Review

Is Trek 3700 A Good Bike Or Not Worth It?

Yes, it is a good bike. It comprises impressive quality features such as a rigid, durable frame, exceptional handlebars, and many more. It has a geometry that guarantees a comfortable and easy-to-use bike for beginners.

About Trek Navigator 3700

Trek navigator 3700 is referred to as a hardtail mountain bike. Trek Navigator 3700 has a front suspension in its forks but lacks a rear suspension. As a consequence, this bike is lightweight, responds quickly, is inexpensive, and is easy to maintain. Moreover, when you pedal, there is an improved force transmission to the wheel.

Trek 3700 bike belongs to the Trek 3 series, and the Trek brand has Trek 3700 in its records as one of the most sold bikes in this series. Bikes in this series stick near the ground; thus, their geometry and features favor this design.

In addition, Trek 3700 bikes can be used in numerous kinds of terrain; that is, they are versatile bikes. You can use it on hills, stony tracks, and other rough terrains.

Trek Navigator 3700 Specifications

Trek 3700 navigator specifications are shown in the table below.


FrameTrek Alpha silver Aluminum
Front DerailleurShimano TX
ForkSR Suntour XCM, 106 travel XCN coil springs
Rear DerailleurShimano Altus M310
RimsBontrager 550 36 – hole
TiresBontrager LT3, 26 X 2.0”
BrakesMechanical Disc Tektro
ShiftersShimano EF51
Cassette8 – Speed
PedalsWellgo nylon platform
Wheel size26”
GripBontrager SSR
CranksShimano TX M131 24-34-42T
StemBontrager, 100mm

Trek Navigator 3700 Features

The features of Trek 3700 are explained in detail below.


Trek 3700 bike frames are short and have an upright geometry. Beginners like the short and upright frame of this bike because it offers a comfortable ride and improved handling. However, short frames are prone to breakage and damage. As a result, the material used for its production supplies rigidity to its bike frame.

Alpha silver aluminum is the material used to make Trek 3700 frames. This material is light yet strong. Hence, the bike has a lightweight and strong frame. Also, some frame areas are thick to bear the rider’s weight and prevent breakage. This accounts for the durability of the bike. Remember, you need to maintain it to remain efficient and last long properly.

The frame of this bike has a beautifully constructed seat and mounts for racks and mudguards. Racks and mudguards could be helpful as you ride. Hence, you can put some items in your bike’s racks, and its mudguards prevent the throwing off of mud when you ride.

The different range of frame sizes for this bike is another essential thing to know. The sizes are 13, 16, 18, 19.5, 21, and 22.5inches. There are different sizes so you can choose the one that best suits your height. Thus, taller riders will require a greater frame size.


The Bontrager LT3 tires of this Mountain bike have a wheel diameter of 26 inches and a tire width of 2 inches. These tires are fast-rolling, and they make good contact with the ground (good traction). They are designed to move on rocky tracks and withstand the roughness of various trails.

The weight of these tires is light to give you a better acceleration when you ride. Also, the tires’ sidewalls are strengthened to protect them against punctures.


This bike has high-quality gears with a broad range of gears. It has a gear configuration of 24 speeds consisting of 3  chainrings (front gears) and 8 cogs (rear gear). The product of 3 and 8 equals its 24-gear configuration. The chainrings and the crank arms make up the chainset, while the combination of cogs in their ascending size is called a cassette. Therefore, motion is easily achieved when you pedal because of this gear system.

Furthermore, you can use the bike’s shifters or gear control to choose your desired gear ratio.

Front Suspensions

This bike’s front suspensions are located in its forks. Front suspensions absorb shocks as the wheels of your bike move upwards and downwards when you encounter bumps and rocks. As a consequence, the tires do not slide off but continue to make contact with the ground.

Nevertheless, as you ride this bike, they seek to bring you comfort and prevent body aches. Also, their function is to achieve an overall smooth and steady ride.


Its brakes are TektroNovela mechanical disc brakes. These brakes come with several benefits. They are listed below.

  • They are easy to use and maintain.
  • They are cheap.
  • They are easy to repair; They require only their cables and pads to be changed if anything goes wrong with them.


The interior of its handlebar is produced with hard material, while its outer surface is coated with soft material. The handlebars are constructed this way to give a nice feeling to the hands and to achieve a firm grip, hence improving your control and preventing the negative consequences that come with bad control.

Pros And Cons


You Can Purchase It At An Affordable Price

Alongside the outstanding qualities of this bike, you can purchase this bike at an affordable price.

It Has A Light And Durable Frame

Trek 3700 bikes have a lightweight frame, so they can move faster and climb hills easily. In addition, these frames are not only light but durable. This means they were built to endure pressure and stress. Likewise, with proper maintenance, they can serve for an extended period.

It Can Accommodate Racks And Mudguards

Its frame gives room for racks and mudguards to be mounted. Racks help to hold loads temporarily. Mudguards prevent mud and dirt from sticking to the wheels or other bike parts. They also prevent the splashing of mud or water on you or those passing by. Hence, they keep your clothes and that of others clean.

An Excellent Bike For Newbies

Newbies will enjoy this bike because it offers a gentle ride. Trek 3700 is built to help beginners remain relaxed. This bike suits them because they are usually nervous and will like to stick to basic moves.

Nonetheless, if you are not a newbie, but want a bike that will give you a gentle ride, Trek 3700 bike is the right bike for you.

It Has A Wide Range Of Frame Sizes

The aim of producing different frame sizes is to allow riders to select the frame size that best suits them. Consequently, shorter riders should use frames with smaller sizes, while taller riders should use frames with larger sizes.

The table below gives details on frame sizes with their respective rider heights. Note: XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL stand for extra small, small, medium, large, large, and extra extra large, respectively.

Rider Height (cm)Rider Height (inches)Frame sizeValue of Frame size (inches)
148cm – 158cm4’10” – 5’2”    XS13
158cm – 168cm5’2” – 5’6”     S16
168cm – 178cm5’6” – 5’10”     M18
178cm – 185cm5’10” – 6’1”      L19.5
185cm – 195cm6’1” – 6’4”     XL21
195cm – 198cm6’4” – 6’6”    XXL22.5

It Is A Versatile And Reliable Bike  

It is a versatile bike because you can use it on different rough terrains. It can be used for hill climbing, on gravel roads, on single tracks, and pavements.

Also, it is regarded as a reliable bike because of its consistent quality performance.


It Is Not A Standard Bike For Experienced Riders

Many advanced Mountain bike riders will not desire to ride this bike because it was not built for aggressive riding. They will consider this bike a fundamental bike because it does not give them room to perform complex skills.

It Lacks Reasonable Control When Riding In Extremely Hilly Areas.

This bike is not a good choice for highly hilly, stony, and steep terrains. Thus, if you want better control and a stable ride, you can use this bike on less hilly, stony, and steep terrains.

Comparisons Between A Trek 3500 And 3700 Bikes


These bikes share the following similarities

  • Their frames are both made with Alpha aluminum.
  • They both have a weight limit of 300 pounds and a lifetime warranty if this weight limit is not exceeded.
  • They have Bontrager tires with a wheel diameter and tire width of 26 inches and 2 inches, respectively
  • They have mounts for water cages and racks on their frames.

In addition, they both share similar frame sizes for their preferred rider heights: lighter nylon pedals and riser flat bars to maintain an upright geometry.


The differences between the specifications of these two bikes are represented in the table below.

     FeaturesTrek 3500Trek 3700
Suspension ForkSR Suntour with 75mm travelSR Suntour with 100mm travel
BrakesTekro alloy Linear pullMechanical disc Tekro Novella
Shifters7 – speed Shimano shifters8 – speed shimano shifters
Gearing21 speed24 speed
Drivetrain3 x 7 Shimano drivetrain3 x 8 Shimano drivetrain
Stand – over heightShorter stand – over heightLarger stand – over height

From their different specifications, we can learn the following

Suspension Forks

Considering the difference in their suspension forks, Trek 3700 has 100mm travel while Trek 3500 has 75mm travel. This means Trek 3700 bike has a more extended suspension fork travel, and as a consequence, this bike provides a more comfortable ride over a longer duration.

That said, you will experience a more steady ride with Trek 3700. Its extended suspension travel absorbs shocks and bumps better when riding, hence curbing tiredness and body aches.


The linear-pull lever brakes of the Trek 3500 bike are less expensive to maintain and replace than the disc brakes of the Trek 3700.

Nonetheless, the disc brakes of Trek 3700 are more efficient. They respond quickly in every condition and climate, unlike the linear-pull brakes that respond poorly in wet conditions and climates. In order words, the Linear pull brakes are effective in dry conditions.

Drive Train, Gearing, And Shifters

Although both bikes come with 3 chainrings (chainset), Trek 3500 bike comes with a 7-speed cassette, while Trek 3700 bike’s cassette comes with an 8-speed. This means that Trek 3500 and Trek 3700 bikes have a gear system of 21 and 24, respectively. Similarly, Trek 3500 bikes come with 7-speed shifters, while Trek 3700 comes with 8-speed shifters.

Therefore, Trek 3700 ensures a smoother ride because it has more gear options you can choose from using your shifters.

Stand-Over Height

Trek 3500 bike has a shorter stand-over height than Trek 3700. This implies that it is simpler to stand over and a better choice for beginners.

Furthermore, this reduces their chances of sustaining injuries in accidents.


When you know how a bike was designed to function, it will make you use that bike to its fullest capacity. Trek 3700 mountain bike is versatile and reliable for rough trail riding.

Although experienced, athletic, and energetic mountain riders may frown at this bike’s inability to be used for aggressive riding, this bike has excellent qualities. It is a recommended bike for beginners and less aggressive Mountain riders. It is durable, comfortable, and not costly

Therefore, purchasing one will sign you up to enjoy this bike’s beautiful qualities.


How Much Does a Trek 3700 Weigh? 

The average weight of a Trek 3700 bike is 32.5 lbs, not considering the weight of the pedals.

How Much Does A Trek 3700 Cost

The average cost of a Trek 3700 bike is 467 dollars, but you can trade it for a lower price.

What Speed Is A Trek 3700?

Trek 3700 bike has a tripartite (3) chainset and 8-speed cassette. They work together to give a 24-gear speed.

What Size Frame Is A Trek 3700?

The frame sizes of the Trek 3700 bike are 13, 16, 18, 19.5, 21, and 22.5inches.

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