Is The Trek 1200 A Good Road Bike? [Review]

If you were born in the seventies, eighties, and nineties, you might have come across the 1999 model Trek 1200. This model included a 3X8 drivetrain, its bike fork made of Chromoly, and an aluminum seat post. You will admit that this version does not meet current standards.

However, the Trek brand released an upgrade of this bike in 2006. That was after they discovered that Trek 1200 was currently losing relevance due to the materials used to produce it. Now, you may ask, Is this upgrade a good road bike? Was the upgrade an improvement or a complete failure?

You don’t have to worry; I got you. In this article, I’ll give you explicit features, specifications, pros and cons, and other relevant information you need.

Is The Trek 1200 A Good Road Bike?

Yes, it is a good road bike. This bike embodies excellent features that make for a good road bike, such as lightweight, durability, great acceleration, and many others.

Trek 1200 Specifications

The table below provides clear details on Trek 1200 bike specifications.

Frame Tubing MaterialAlpha SL Aluminum
Fork MaterialCarbon fiber, aero crown
Frame ConstructionTIG – Welded
Fork Brand and ModelBontrager
HandlebarBontrager sport
Handlebar StemBontrager sport
HeadsetA headset slimstak
SaddleBontrager Race Lux
Seat PostBontrager Carbon
Shift LeversShimano Tiagra
BrakesetAluminum dual–post brakes, Shimano Tiagra levers
HubsShimano Tiagra
PedalsAluminum Nylon
ExtensionNot applicable
Spoke BrandStainless steel
RimsAlex Aluminum
Cassette9 – speed, 12 – 25 teeth
CranksetBontrager selects 30/42/52 teeth
Tires900 X 25c Bontrager select

Trek 1200 Features

For a better understanding of this bike, let us study its features.


The frame of the Trek 1200 bike is Alpha SL Aluminum. However, in recent times, several road bike manufacturers have been using carbon fiber to produce their bike frames. Carbon fiber is expensive; however, frames made with carbon fiber can be either mid-end or high-end.

Consequently, Trek 1200 bike falls into low-end to mid-end bikes because it’s made with aluminum. A low-end bike means you can purchase it cheaply, mid-end bikes are bikes you can buy at a moderate price, and high-end bikes are expensive.

Trek 1200 bike frames are long-lasting (durable) and easy to maintain. Also, this bike can accelerate quickly on smooth surfaces and easily climb hills, all thanks to its lightweight. The lightweight of a road bike is a significant quality of all good road bikes.  Furthermore, this bike weighs about 17 lbs, and the required weight of a standard road bike should not be more than 18 pounds (lbs).

Most Trek 1200 bikes are designed and decorated with dark red colors. However, some bikes are either Black, white or gray colors.


Although Trek 1200 bike frame is made of Alpha SL Aluminum, its fork is made of carbon fiber. You may be asking, why is a different material used?

The fork of this bike is put through the stress and strain of ascending or descending steep slopes and is exposed to the poor conditions of the terrain, like road cracks, potholes, and uneven road surfaces. Hence, carbon fiber is used because it is a stronger material than aluminum. Carbon fiber has a strength of about 1600 kilonewtons, while Aluminum has about 500 kilonewtons worth of strength.

The manufacturers of this Trek bike also displayed their brilliance by using carbon fiber because of its spectacular lightweight. The carbon fiber material contributes immensely to reducing this bike’s weight.

Therefore, the lightweight carbon fiber brands this bike as a standard road bike. Also, its ability to withstand the consequences of stress exerted on this bike’ fork makes for an excellent road bike.


The dual aluminum pivot brakes of Trek 1200 are lightweight, and they offer an excellent braking response. Since they are made of aluminum, they are strong and durable. These brakes are built to execute an excellent brake response over extended periods.

Nevertheless, if you dislike dual aluminum pivot brakes, you can change them to mechanical disc brakes. Mechanical disc brakes guarantee improved braking control and a quicker stop response. Also, they can be cleaned easily and are cheap to maintain.


The older 1999 version of the Trek 1200 drivetrain is 3X8, while the newer 2006 version is 3X9. The newer version is an improvement of the older one. The Trek brand decided to increase the number of cogs from 8 to 9 while the number of chainrings remained the same (3). This is to give the rider a wider range of gear.

Furthermore, the 3X9 drivetrain improves your efficiency by providing you with a wider range of gears. As a result, this drivetrain saves your energy and remains efficient for long hours of riding.

In addition, the 3X9 drivetrain has a higher gear speed than the 3X8. You can multiply the numbers to get the gear speed. However, the 3X9 drive train has a gear speed of 27, and its 1999 version (3X8) has a gear speed of 24.


This bike is called a race road bike because of its geometry. It possesses a steep head tube at an angle of 73 degrees.

The angle of this head tube is responsible for a comfortable, effective, and easy ride up and down hills. You should also know that increasing the angle of a road bike’s head tube causes its front wheel to have an easier turn.

Consequently, this increases your ability to turn sharply and easily (maneuverability). Amongst many qualities, the qualities of a strong climb-up hill, a comfortable ride downhill, and its ability to turn sharply earn this bike the right to be called an ideal training bike. Having said that, if you are searching for a training road bike, make the shocking decision of purchasing one today.


The Bontrager 700 X 25c tires of this bike provide good traction and a fast ride. These tires are designed for racing, so they are narrower than the tires of mountain bikes. They are built to reduce weight and boost their ability to move through air (aerodynamics).

Nonetheless, you can change its tires if you prefer a slimmer tire width of 23c or a wider width of 28c. Moreover, ensure that whatever tire width you select makes you comfortable and gives you an enjoyable ride.

Pros And Cons


It Has A Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The frame of this bike is lightweight and contributes to the bike’s overall weight. It is important to note that a road bike has to be light.

It Has a Wider Range Of Gears

The 3X9 drivetrain of this bike allows you to have a broad range of gear selections. Hence, you will experience a decent ride on different terrains.

It Has A Geometry Of A Race Road Bike

The geometry of this bike is an advantage because it offers you the following

  • Better acceleration
  • Easy movement when ascending and descending slopes
  • Enhanced maneuverability and control

It Has A Strong, Lightweight, And Durable Carbon Fiber Fork 

Manufacturers of this product use carbon fiber to obtain a strong, light, and durable bike fork. What is the significance of these qualities?

  • Its lightweight plays a part in the overall weight of this bike
  • It is strong to overcome the impact of the poor terrain conditions
  • It is durable, so you can effectively use it for a long time.

It Is Affordable

It is a huge benefit for you to purchase this high-level and excellent bike at an affordable price.


Its brakes appear out of date

Its dual aluminum pivot brakes appear outdated; hence you need to upgrade them. You can upgrade them to mechanical disc brakes to enjoy excellent performance.

Its Saddle Does Not Offer Maximum Comfort

Its saddle is a little hard and may cause discomfort when riding this bike. Nevertheless, some riders may like it that way, but if you do not, you can easily change it.

Comparison Between Trek 1200 And Trek 1000 Bike

The similarities between these bikes are

  • Their frames are made of aluminum material
  • They both come with 700 X 25c tires, 700mm in outer diameter and 25mm in tire width.

The Trek 1200 is a better road bike than Trek 1000. The table below represents the differences between these bikes.

  FeaturesTrek 1200       BikeTrek 1000    Bike
Fork materialCarbon fiberAluminum
Drivetrain3 X 92 X 7
Speed number27 speed14 speed
Weight17 lbs23 lbs

From the table above, let us analyze their differences

Fork Material

The carbon fiber of the Trek 1200 bike produces a stronger and more lightweight fork than the aluminum material of the Trek 1000 bike. Thus, carbon fiber prevents the fork of Trek 1200 from breakage and deformation; this explains its strength.

Also, its lightweight contributes to the total weight of the bike. This reason explains why the weight of the Trek 1200 bike is lighter than Trek 1000.

Drivetrain And Speed Number

Trek 1200 bike has a speed configuration of 3X9, which gives 27 speeds, while the Trek 1000 bike has a 2X7 speed configuration which equals 14 speeds. Trek 1200’s drivetrain (speed configuration), as well as its speed number, is higher than Trek 1000’s, hence providing a wide range of gears for selection when riding.


As a result of the material used to produce their bike forks, Trek 1200 (17 lbs) weighs lighter than Trek 1000 (23 lbs). Therefore, the Trek 1200 will perform better because it weighs lighter.


Trek 1200 is fast, an excellent recreational bike, and a bike for long journeys. It is likewise a great training race bike. When you consider the benefits of this bike, you will realize that this bike is a worthy investment. This wonderfully constructed bike is lightweight,  tough (strong), and long-lasting.

This bike boasts a 3X9 drivetrain, a 27-speed gear configuration, and a race bike geometry at an affordable price. Moreover, you don’t have to search for a good exercise bike or a long-distance bike because Trek 1200 bike can meet those needs.

People Also Ask

What Frame Sizes Are Available For The Trek 1200?

Trek 1200 bikes come in numerous frame sizes. They are 43, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60, and 63cm

Which Frame Size Of The Trek 1200 Bike Is Suitable For Me?

The table below provides detailed information on the Trek Road bike sizing guide. This table contains the frame sizes of Trek road bikes suitable for different height ranges.

Rider’s HeightTrek Frame size in centimeters [cm]Trek Frame size
Feet and inchesCentimeters
4’10” -5’1”148cm – 155cm43 – 44cmXXS
5’0” –  5’2”152cm – 158cm47cmXXS
5’2” – 5’5”158cm – 165cm50cmXS
5’4” – 5’6”163cm – 168cm52cmS
5’6” – 5’9”168cm –  175cm54cmM
5’9” – 5’11”175cm – 180cm56cmL
5’11” – 6’2”180cm – 188cm58cmXL
6’1” –  6’6”185cm – 198cm63cmXXL

Note: From the table, sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL stand for extra small, extra small, small, medium, large, extra large, and extra extra large, respectively.

You need to know your height to select the frame size that matches your height accurately. If you do not know your height, you can measure it or ask someone to help you

What Is A Road Bike?

A road bike is a bike designed for paved surfaces. This means they are constructed for smooth surfaces made of asphalt or concrete.

What Is The Body Weight Of Trek 1200?

Trek 1200 weighs about 17 lbs.

How Much Does The Trek 1200 Bike Cost?

You can spend about 350 dollars to purchase this bike.

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