Trek 1000 Bike Review (Detailed Information)

You may be searching for a classic bike that is comfortable and best suited for your height. You may also be desirous of a road bike that can endure the rigors of long distances. Making inquiries about the bike you have in mind before purchasing one is essential.

Nonetheless, Trek 1000 bike is a road bike of outstanding quality. It best suits the descriptions stated above. It comes in different frame sizes for various rider heights.

I’ll expound on Trek 1000 bikes so that you can have a clearer understanding of the bikes. So, if, in the end, you consider a Trek 1000 bike worth purchasing, you can gladly purchase one.

trek 1000 bike review

What Is A Trek 1000 Bike?

A Trek 1000 bike is a road bike suitable for long distances. This bike is not a recommended bike for racing. However, it is a comfortable bike for long-distance riding. Hence, if you consider purchasing a bike that satisfies this need, Trek 1000 is the bike for you.

The brief history of this bike will help you appreciate it better.

History Of A Trek 1000 Bike

In the 1980s, the brand Trek manufactured Trek 1000 bikes, and sales also began. The bike became popular, admired, and sought-after in the 1990s. It was known to be of good quality in the 1990s. As a consequence, many individuals purchased Trek 1000 bikes.

Are Trek 1000 bikes still of good quality today? You need to know whether Trek 1000 bikes are still relevant even with the invention of modern bikes.

Is Trek 1000 A Good Quality?

The answer is yes. The following characteristics make the Trek 1000 Road bike of good quality.

It Possesses An Aluminum Frame And Fork

6061 Aluminum was used to build the frame and fork of the Trek 1000 bike. 6061 Aluminum is known for its incredible strength, durability, ability to be easily welded, and corrosion resistance. It needs little or no maintenance. Hence, Trek 1000 bikes are referred to as low-cost bikes.

Although Trek 1000 bike frames are considered lightweight, modern bikes made with carbon fibers have a lighter weight.

Its Beautiful And Artistic Design

The manufacturers constructed and designed the Trek 1000 bike to be attractive alongside other qualities. Its attractive look stood out then and still does today. The fantastic blend of colors is pleasing to the eye. The unique white decals and a splash of other colors like blue and black give the rider a sense of class and confidence.


Trek 1000 bikes use a 700 X 25c tire. 700 means it has an outer diameter of 700mm, and 25 refers to its width (25mm). Also, c is the French naming system. The difference between a 700 X 25c and a 700 X 23c tire is that the former is used for long-distance riding while the latter is used for racing because of its capability of moving at higher speeds.

Trek 1000 Bike Specifications

Trek 1000 bike specifications are represented in a tabular form below.

                                      TREK 1000 BIKE SPECIFICATIONS

           Component/Feature                               Type
 FrameAlcoa 6061 T6 Aluminum
RimsTrek/Matrix Titan     11700c X 25c
ForkTange Cromoly with TIG Welded Aero Multi Crown
Front DerailleurShimano 500    EX 7 – Speed
Rear DerailleurShimano 400    EX 7 – Speed
CranksetShimano 500 RX 42/52 teeth – Super Glide Chainning
Shift LeversShimano 400 EX 7 Speed SIS indexing
StemSR 90  X – stem silver
HubsShimano Exage EX 321
Tires700 X 25c Trek ISO Tech 3
PedalsHTI Alloy Quill
BrakesetShimano 400 EX SLR Aero Levers
HeadsetTange Seiki Sealed
Rear cogs7 – Speed  12 – 28 teeth
Seat postSR TCO Sport Alloy
SaddleTrek EnerGel Lycra
HandlebarSR Anatomic Alloy
ColorsBlue and Black splash with White Decals
Size[inches]16.9, 18.5, 19.7, 20.5, 21.3, 22, 22.8, 23.6, 24.4

Why Is Trek 1000 A Good Choice?

Trek 1000 bike is a good choice and a bike to be in your possession. The following reasons make the bike a good one, and if you buy one, that will be a good choice.

  • It is a lightweight bike
  • Its skinny tires are designed to reduce the resistive force of air moving against your bike when in motion (aerodynamics).
  • It is a great road bike that can withstand stress and damage after a long ride.
  • It is a beauty to behold. Its frame is elegantly designed and adorned with colors.
  • You will be comfortable when riding because of its comfortable seat.
  • It is a strong and durable bike.

Pros And Cons Of Trek 1000



The bike’s weight refers to how heavy or light the bike is. Trek 1000 bikes have lightweight because of the material used to produce the frame (Aluminum 6061). The advantage of light bikes over heavy bikes is that the light bikes are faster and can easily climb hilly or steep areas.

The narrow 700 X 25c tires also play a role in ensuring the bike remains light. More expansive and bigger tires mean more weight.

Although Trek 1000 bikes are light, they are not as fast as other road bikes. They have tires with 700mm outer diameter and 25mm tire width, while other Road bikes used for racing have the same outer diameter but a thinner tire width of 23mm.

Low Maintenance

The material Aluminum 6061 makes the bike durable (having the ability to withstand pressure and wear; it lasts long). The durability of the Trek 1000 bike is essential to withstand the stress of traveling long distances.

Moreover, the strength and durability of Aluminum 6061 make the bike need little or no maintenance. This saves cost; the rider can ride distances with minimum maintenance.

14-Speed Configuration

14-speed configuration refers to the gear system present in the bike. 14 speed can also be written as a 2 X 7-speed configuration. 2 represents the number of front gears, also called chainrings. The name of the two chainrings working together is called crankset. Hence, Trek 1000 bikes have double chainrings.

The number 7 in 2 X 7-speed configuration refers to the number of rear gears or cogs. The rear gears working together are called cassettes. The advantage of this gear system is that it is not easily damaged, and it maintains a good speed even though its speed is not as high as the race bikes.

It’s Available On The Market

You can easily find Trek 1000 bikes in the market. This is because of its popularity. Therefore, you don’t need to stress yourself in getting it, if it’s a suitable bike for you. You can even find some online.

It Has An Attractive Design

The frame is beautifully decorated with white, blue, and black colors. Other colors like red, orange, pink, and purple have been introduced recently.

This help riders select the color they like and make them happy. Thus, you can choose the color you prefer when getting a Trek 1000 bike.


Rare Shifters

The usual position of the shifters is on top of the handlebars, but this is not the case for Trek 1000 bikes. The shifters are present below the handlebars. Riders have to learn this adjustment. Nevertheless, learning this adjustment will not be easy. It may take time for the rider to understand how it works fully, and it requires that the rider is patient.

Difficulty In Stabilizing The Bike

Riders who are used to the position of the shifters being on top of the handlebar will encounter instability while riding. This is because the handlebars of Trek 1000 bikes are below the handlebars. Shifters are used to control the front and rear gears. So, if riders do not use the shifters properly, the bike’s movement will not be stable and smooth.

It’s So Expensive

Compared to some other road bikes, the trek 1000 bike is pretty expensive. To get an Entry-level adult bike, you should be preparing $500, while premium models are $13,549. However, the bike might be more expensive than those you buy from supermarkets.

Trek 1000 bikes are expensive because their products are reliable and durable, and you know that bikes with those qualities should be costly.

How Do I Know What Trek Bike Size To Get?

The Trek Road bikes have a sizing guide that matches the rider’s height with the appropriate frame size. For example, if you are 5 feet 7 inches tall (5’7”), you can use the small or medium size model.

The table below is the Trek Road bike sizing guide. Note: small, medium, large, and extra large are represented by the letters S, M, L, and XL, respectively.


5’0” – 5’7”S
5’4” –  5’10”M
5’8” – 6’2”L
6’1” – 6’6”XL

Knowing the frame size that suits your height promotes comfort and boosts your bike performance.

How To Measure Your Height

If you don’t know your height, you can measure it in the comfort of your home by following the steps below.

  • Remove whatever footwear (shoes, sandals, etc.) and stand on the ground barefoot.
  • Stand close to the wall and ensure your back and heel is against the wall.
  • Ask someone to mark the top of your head on the wall with a pencil and a ruler. Note: it is not the top of your hair. Also, remove any cap or hat on your head.
  • Use a metal tape measure to find the distance between the mark on the wall and the ground. Note: a metal tape measure is straight and can give a vertical line.

If you want an accurate measurement, you can use a stadiometer. A stadiometer is a long ruler attached to the wall with an adjustable sliding horizontal headpiece. It is found in hospitals and gyms. A doctor or a gym instructor can assist you.

A metal tape measure and a stadiometer can measure both in centimeters (cm) and inches.

Note: 12 inches = 1 foot.


When you have thorough knowledge and understanding of a bike, you can effectively use and manage that bike. The same goes for Trek 1000 bikes. Trek 1000 bikes are regarded as vintage bikes; this means they were produced in the past and are of high quality. They are road bikes.

Although most Road bikes are used for racing, Trek 1000 bikes do not perform this function. Instead, they are best suited for traveling long distances.

In addition to the aforementioned, Trek 1000 bike provides a comfortable seat and a beautiful and lightweight frame. Also, it is cheap to maintain. That being the case, if you desire a bike for a comfortable long journey, you can get a Trek 1000 bike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Speeds Is A Trek 1000?

A trek 1000 bike has 14 speeds. You can calculate the speeds in a Trek 1000 bike by multiplying the front gears by the rear gears. The bike has 2 front gears multiplied by its 7 rear gears to give 14 speeds.

What Is The Lightest Trek

The lightest bike the Trek brand has ever produced is Trek Emonda SLR 9.

Why Are Trek Bikes So Heavy?

The disc brakes and iso speed make Trek bikes heavy. Disc brakes are known to be heavy and contribute to the weight of bikes.

How Long Do Trek Bikes Last?

The frame and fork of the bike last for an extended period (20+ years) because of the strength and durability of the material used to manufacture them. However, the mechanical components like the brakes, front derailleur, rear derailleur, shifting levers, and cassette require good use and maintenance. If properly maintained, they can last as long as 4 to 5 years.

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