Is The Trek 7.2 FX A Good Hybrid Bike? [Trek 7.2 FX Review]

Taking the bus to school was getting old-fashioned when I joined college. I was looking for a good alternative to get to school when I thought of investing in a bike. Since I was not very new to cycling, I started looking into different models. One of the models that stood out for me was The Trek 7.2 FX.

I took my time to learn everything regarding it before purchasing. Since I discovered that I was not the only one looking for a bike, I decided to review this model to inform you more about it. Find out more!

So, is The Trek 7.2 FX a good hybrid bike? Yes, it is. This is good since it is comfortable, offers a smooth ride, is easy to control, and is lightweight. It also comes with quality features that make it worth considering. Keep reading to learn more about this bike.

trek 7.2 FX review

About Trek 7.2 FX

If you need a hybrid bike to help you get some exercise or commute to work or school, you should not overlook this model. You can even use this bike to enjoy long-distance rides since it is well constructed and easy to control. Being a hybrid bike means that this model has aspects of a mountain bike and a city bike.

It comes from a company that has a lot of experience and a great reputation for creating high-quality bikes. From the features of The Trek 7.2 FX, you can tell that the manufacturer paid attention to detail in creating it. This bike was first introduced in 2006, but the market offers it in different years that you should pay attention to before buying.

Trek Alpha Aluminum Frame – Strong But Lightweight

The Trek 7.2 FX features a Trek Alpha aluminum frame which is strong but lightweight. The frame also includes a feature that makes this bike compatible with DuoTrap S. This hybrid bike also comes with 24 speeds and a solid drivetrain consisting of Shimano components. This company is famous for producing good drivetrain components that ensure smooth shifting during rides.

The bike also comes with a high tensile steel fork which goes well with its frame to boost stability during rides. You can also enjoy more control while using this hybrid bike since it comes with 700 x 35c hard case tires that offer great traction. Trek 7.2 FX can give you more confidence while riding since it features Tektro Alloy Linear pull brakes that stop fast, even at high speeds.

Besides that, Trek 7.2 FX features adjustable handlebars that are also designed to absorb shocks and bumps. Thanks to the inclusion of ergonomic grips, most riders find it comfortable on the hands.

Though its saddle is not that wide, you may not experience discomfort while riding short distances. This hybrid bike also includes mounts that you can use to bring along some items, such as a water bottle. This is also an affordable bike that can help you save some cash.

Another thing that impresses many customers about this bike is the warranty. Since this bike comes with a lifetime warranty, you don’t have to incur additional charges if you get the model with some defects. Feel free to choose this bike from the different colors available such as blue or black.

Trek 7.2 FX Hybrid Bike Specifications

Frame Trek alpha Aluminum
TiresBontrager H2 hardcase
ForkHigh-tensile steel
BrakesTektro Alloy Linear Pull
Rear DerailleurShimano Acera M360
Front DerailleurShimano Altus
HandlebarsBontrager low riser alloy

Trek 7.2 FX Hybrid Bike Features

Frame And Fork

The frame of this hybrid makes it comfortable to ride. Trek 7.2 FX is made using the Trek Alpha aluminum frame, which is light. Its build is designed to take most of your weight from the bike to help you ride more comfortably. Its frame also makes it easy to pick up.

The manufacturer also equips this hybrid bike with a tensile steel fork that makes the bike flexible while still giving it the stiffness it requires for comfortable rides. If your main objective in buying this hybrid bike is to keep fit, you will appreciate the fact that this model is DuoTrap S-compatible.

Feel free to attach a computer sensor so that you don’t have to strap something to the bike to monitor your speed and mileage. This unique feature is not usually available in most hybrid bikes. You can even connect to an app on your smartphone when you want to know how far you have gone.


Trek 7.2 FX also comes with 24 speeds. The Rear derailleur of this bike has eight different gears, and the front derailleur has three different ranges of gears in the front derailleur leading to a total of 24 speeds. Though 24 speeds can seem intimidating for a beginner, this bike makes it easy for you to shift between gears.

Gear shifting with this bike is easy since it uses Shimano Altus front derailleur and Shimano Acera M360 rear derailleur. The drivetrain of this bike can therefore flatten hills to give a smooth riding experience on different surfaces. Cyclists also reveal that the gears of this bike also require minimal maintenance.

Trek 7.2 FX also feels quite solid due to the inclusion of a Wellgo Nylon body. Though it comes with alloy cage pedals, these may not be stable enough, but you can easily replace them.


Before investing in any bike, you must pay attention to its tires. Trek 7.2 FX is equipped with 700 x 35C hard case tires. Both the front and rear tires of this bike are Bontrager H2 hard case tires. The tires of this bike are narrower than that of a mountain bike but not as narrow as a road bike tire specifically designed for racing. This is one feature that makes the Trek 7.2 FX a hybrid bike.

According to most users of this bike, the tires deliver great traction and put you in control at all times. The wheels of this bike can help you enjoy smooth rides even when moving at higher speeds. Note that this Trek model is not as fast as many road bikes.

You don’t have to worry about getting a puncture easily as you ride this bike since it is equipped with a belt inside the tire that can prevent this. This puncture-resistant belt serves as an added layer that can help with flat tires to prevent you from getting stranded.


Whether you prefer cycling at a low or moderate speed, you don’t have to worry about Trek 7.2 FX failing you since it is equipped with Tektro alloy linear-pull brakes. The brakes of this hybrid bike are easy to use and have high stopping power. These breaks are not only powerful but also easy to maintain.

Handlebars And Grips

Trek 7.2 FX also features Bontrager low riser alloy handlebars that also enhance comfort during use. This can soak up any bumps and shocks the bike encounters while riding on different surfaces. The manufacturer was also keen on positioning the handlebars since riding this bike can help you maintain an upright position.

You can even adjust the handlebars if you want to make them more comfortable. The handlebars can help you ride this bike for a long time without hurting your back. Apart from the handlebars, many riders are also impressed with the ergonomic grips this bike has. These make the bike more comfortable and allow your hands to rest naturally to prevent fatigue.


If you want Trek 7.2 FX as your first bike, you may need to replace the saddle it comes with. This bike has a Bontrager SSR saddle that is not too wide but comfortable for short distances. Below the saddle is KindShock Alloy Suspension, which helps the bike absorb suspension.


You will also notice some mounts on the frame of this hybrid bike. Hydrating is important if you use the bike to keep fit, and you can always bring along a water bottle with you. The mounts also allow you to add racks to make the hybrid bike more versatile in case you want to bring it on a picnic.

Pros of Trek 7.2 FX Hybrid Bike

  • Delivers accurate shifting between gears
  • It has a lightweight frame
  • The tires are puncture-resistant
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Your purchase includes a lifetime warranty

Cons of Trek 7.2 FX Hybrid Bike

  • Its speed is not the best for long rides
  • The bike is not aesthetically pleasing
  • Some users are not impressed with its cheap pedals

Brief Comparisons

Trek FX 1 Disc vs. Trek 7.2 FX

Though both bikes are from the same company, they are not the same. For instance, Trek FX 1 Disc has 16 gears while 7.2 FX has 24 gears. Though 7.2 FX can give you more sizes when riding, it is not as easy to use as Trek FX 1 Disc, which has fewer gears. Trek 7.2 FX hybrid bike makes it easy to ride on a smooth surface more comfortably.

Apart from the gears, these two models also differ when it comes to their brakes. Trek FX 1 Disc comes with powerful disc brakes, while 7.2 FX contains Tektro alloy linear-pull brakes. Most experienced cyclists reveal that disc brakes are better on a bike since they are more powerful and have a more consistent performance on different terrain. They also offer a more confident stopping power. Many customers also find Trek FX 1 more aesthetically pleasing than Trek 7.2 FX.

Trek Dual Sport 2 vs. Trek 7.2 FX

These two bikes differ in that they are marketed toward different customers. Dual Sport 2 is great for riding on both smooth roads and off-road trails. You can easily ride this bike on a mud surface or loose gravel. On the other hand, Trek 7.2 FX is suitable for light trail riding. You can also use it as a city bike for your daily commute.

Trek Dual Sport 2 also features a locking front suspension fork which can come in handy when you are on a bumpy surface. When riding this bike on a smooth surface, it can give you a bouncier ride and help you ride faster. On the other hand, Trek 7.2 FX includes a rigid fork. This model contains a high-strength steel fork that is strong and does not get deformed easily. The rigid fork makes Trek 7.2 FX more practical on a paved road.

Verdict: Is Trek 7.2 FX Worth Buying?

Yes. Trek 7.2 FX is worth buying since it comes with high-quality components that can lead to smooth riding. Though this hybrid bike may not be as fast as others, you should consider getting it for your daily commute. Some of the components that make it worth buying include a lightweight frame, 24-speed drivetrain, smooth rolling wheels, and comfortable handlebars. Its affordable price and lifetime warranty also make it worth considering. If you need a hybrid bike that can help you get around the city or stay in shape, Trek 7.2 FX is an ideal choice.


What Year Was Trek 7.2 FX Made?

Trek 7.2 FX was made in 2006. The manufacturer has been modifying it over the years to make it better.

Are Trek FX Bikes Fast?

Not all Trek FX bikes are fast. For example, Trek 7.2 FX is not that fast, but Trek FX sport 6 is quite fast.

How Much Does A Trek FX Weigh?

This depends on the specific model. For instance, Trek FX 1 weighs 27.7 lbs while Trek 7.2 FX weighs 26.35 lbs.

What Is The Difference Between The Trek FX And Dual Sport?

Trek FX differs from the dual sport in that dual sport feature front suspension forks while Trek FX have rigid forks. That is why Trek FX is better on a more paved road while Dual sport is more comfortable on a rough road. They also differ in that some Trek FX bikes feature Linear pull brakes while most dual sport bikes either use hydraulic or mechanical disc brakes.

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