GT Agressor Pro

Regarding solid, suitable, and affordable MTB, GT Aggressor Pro is outstanding. The features this MTB contains to make the majority fall for it extensively are unusual. The joy and comfort of breezing through rough terrain are remarkable. If you’re a kind that likes to ride uphill, think of getting GT Aggressor Pro.

GT Aggressor Pro is one of the latest releases of its brand, GT Bicycles. GT Bicycles have been building bikes since 1972. They are known for their remarkable ability to develop frames. One of their notable frames is BMX, suitable for fun rides, motocross, and thrashing. Moreover, GT Aggressor Pro a hardtail bike suitable for mountain trails, hire roads and pump tracks.

However, GT Aggressor Pro has features that set it apart from other mountain bikes, as well as some drawbacks. I believe this will help you to decide either you should go for it or not. In this case, I shall comprehensively explain all the features, pros, and drawbacks you should know.

Features Of GT Aggressor Pro

These are features that make GT Aggressor Pro exemptional as a mountain bike.

Triple Triangle Aluminum Frames

Beyond measure, a triple triangle frame has been one of the most proficient features of GT Aggressor Pro. GT “triple triangle” is designed so that the seat stays parallel to the downtube and attached to the top tube forward instead of being directed at the seat tube.

This design is the best and most creative design for MTB. It gives confidence to the rider when riding through a rocky surface and rough terrain. It’s also reliable because it can hold your weight. The triple triangle frame makes GT Aggressor Pro strong, tough, and rigid.

Progressive Geometry

A bike’s geometry is an essential aspect of its design. GT Aggressor Pro is designed as an MTB with extraordinary stability. It’s categorized as all road bike because it can move faster on any road surface, from smooth asphalt to sandy gravel tracks.

Moreover, GT Aggressor Pro has a longer front-center which helps to increase steering stability when descending. In another way, because the rider can easily handle the bike, it makes the bike effortlessly controlled by the rider.

Strong Multi-Surface wheels

Another feature that makes GT Aggressor Pro strong as MTB is its multi-surface wheels. The multi-surface wheels are strong and can quickly move smoothly on a terrain. That means you can ride both off-road and on-road with the wheels. Moreover, the wheels are made with double-layer rims and are lightweight. Though, that doesn’t interfere with its strength.


Adding a drivetrain to GT Aggressor Pro also makes it a great MTB. The drivetrain is what transfers the energy to its wheels to make the bicycle move. You can easily adjust your speed in any terrain, whether soft, rocky, or muddy. So, you don’t have to worry about the stretch of land you’re riding.

Moreover, GT Aggressor is made with a 21-speed Shimona drivetrain, which has three front gears and seven in the rear. Therefore, each speed on a bike refers to a different combination of these gears.


The breaks of GT Aggressor Pro are incredible. Though it’s mechanical disc brakes, not hydraulic brakes, it works faster and is perfect on any terrain such as rocky ground, local trails, gravel surfaces, and dirt trails.

The disc brakes art at the center of each wheel and stops the bike by squeezing a brake pad against a rotor mounted around the hub. The brakes generate an incredible amount of stopping power.


It’s fascinating to know the pros that GT Aggressor Pro has, which make the majority interested in it. Here are some of them


Regarding affordability, GT Aggressor Pro has been one of the most affordable mountain bikes for the past decade.


If you study the table above, you will discover that the price range between 2017 to 2022 is $550 – $635.Compared to Dick’s Stores, where you can even get under $600.

Most are agitated to know if GT Aggressor Pro is a good bike. They don’t expect a bike with such fantastic features to have such an affordable price.


As a mountain bike, GT Aggressor Pro is strong and durable. People usually give good reviews for its durability. If proper maintenance is in place, you can use it for over 20 years without hindrance. Some items like tires, chains, brake pads, and drivetrain will not last forever. You can change them anytime. Besides, the frame is so strong, and so also the wheels.

Bike Aesthetic

Not only is it durable and strong, but it’s also attractive. The MTB is available in 11 colorful frames. So, you’ve many options to choose from. The design is fantastic and good-looking. Also, the triple triangle design contributes to its beauty.

Comfortable Saddle

The saddle of GT Aggressor Pro is comfortable, knowing that it’s designed to move on rough terrain, rocky areas, fire roads, and so. GT has considered this and designed a comfortable saddle for the riders.

Moreover, not only the saddle that makes GT Aggressor Pro comfortable; there are other things like the suspension, drivetrain, and others. The triple triangle design also contributes to its comfort. You don’t need to continue bending your back to ride with ease and faster.


GT Aggressor Pro is multi-functional. It’s not only suitable for rough terrain or rocky areas alone; you can ride it in smooth areas and on-road. Some people use it for commuting instead of trail adventures.

Multiple Frame Sizes

GT Aggressor Pro is grouped into four different frame sizes, including small ( 15 – inch frame), medium ( 17 – inch frame), large (19 – inch frame), and X – large (21-inch frame). All these sizes determine rider height, rider length, and others.

Small 380mm     15”150-165cm 4”11”-5”4”72-76cm 28”-30”
Medium 430mm     17”162-178cm 5”4” – 5-10”76-83cm 30”-33”
Large 480mm     19”174-189cm 5”9”-6’2”83-87cm 33”-34”
X – Large 540mm     21”189-205cm 6’2”- 6’8”91-94cm 35”-37”

Perfect Handlebars

When it comes to handlebars, GT Aggressor Pro got you covered. The bike comes with aluminum handlebars with a 25mm rise. The handlebars also support you to be uptight when riding instead of bending your back. It is also another level of comfort. Also, it helps you to get easy access to the brakes.

Drawbacks Of GT Aggressor Pro

Everything that has pros always has cons. Some drawbacks make GT Aggressor Pro not perfect as MTB. You will know all the cons appropriately here.

Low-End Components

The result of affordability is low-end components. Some people believe that if something is cheap, it might not be quality. To enjoy your GT Aggressor Pro, you may have to upgrade the components like pedals, seats, and brakes. Nevertheless, the components of GT Aggressor Pro are not worse.

A Little Bit Heavy

GT Aggressor Pro is a bit heavy compared to other bikes. It is not a good option for bike parking. Also, the weight affects its speed. So, if you want to get GT Aggressor Pro, speed shouldn’t be your priority.

Not For Race

Some don’t want GT Aggressor Pro because it’s not for race. If you want a bike for races or competitive riding, GT Aggressor Pro is not for you. It’s majorly made for off-road, rough terrain, and rocky areas.


What is the difference between GT Aggressor and GT Aggressor Pro?

The first thing you need to know is that GT Aggressor is divided into three models: GT Aggressor Comp ( Basic Model), GT Aggressor Sport, and GT Aggressor Expert ( Pro).

GT Aggressor Comp ( Basic Model)

The GT Aggressor Comp mountain bike is a GT model that moves effortlessly over all terrain. It’s versatile in that you can ride both on-road and off-road perfectly. It is perfect for those looking to get into the sport of mountain biking or beginners that want to upgrade their current ride.

GT Aggressor Sport

GT Aggressor Sport is another GT Bicycles model that has 27. 5″/29″ wheels. It’s stable, fast, and fun, and you can also use it for mountain bike sports. Its functions are similar to GT Aggressor Comp. Both have a slight difference.

GT Aggressor Expert ( Pro)

GT Aggressor Expert has higher gearing compared to GT Aggressor Comp and Sport. It has a 24-speed drivetrain. It’s GT Bicycles’ most off-road friendly bike for the more recreational rider.

Notwithstanding, what connects these models is a brand, GT Bicycles.


GT Aggressor Pro is a good mountain bike, and it’s affordable; it won’t take much to get one compared to other mountain bikes. You can use it both off-road and on-road.

Most importantly, to enjoy your GT Aggressor Pro make sure you change the components if the components with it are not comfortable. And, you should maintain your bike’s gear to be shifting flawlessly.

People Also Ask

How Many Speed Is At GT Aggressor Pro?

GT Aggressor Pro has a 21-speed, which means it has seven rear gears ( 7 sprockets on the rear wheel) and three front gears ( 3 chainrings at the front). The gears provide slight advantages in shifting because they are closer in size, making shifting smoother.

The maximum speed of GT Aggressor Pro can reach up to 110 kilometers per hour ( 68,3505 miles per hour), depending on the surroundings and the rider’s experience.

What Type Of Bike Is A GT Aggressor?

GT Aggressor is a mountain bike with a 21-speed, Aluminum frame with mechanical disk brakes. Though, some have hydraulic disk brakes. It’s majorly made for off-road, rough terrain, and rocky areas, but you can still ride it on road if you’re concerned about commuting. Also, it’s a hardtail mountain bike designed and manufactured by GT Bicycles.

Is GT Aggressor Expert Good?

GT Aggressor Expert is a perfect off-road bike with a friendly hardtail for recreational mountain bikers. It’s also perfect on the road and gets along with little more effort than some other road bikes. The review for GT Aggressor Expert 29 hardtail bike 2021 scored 9.4 out of 10. This proves that the bike is good.

Who Owns GT Mountain Bikes?

GT mountain bikes are produced by GT Bicycles. The company is also the designer and manufacturer of BMX and some other road bicycles. It was known for its notable BMX and triple triangle designs. It is a division of the Dutch Conglomerate Pon holdings.

It was founded in 1979 by BMX racetrack operator Richard Long and engineer and former drag racer Gary Turner. GT was named after Gary Turner, and for two decades, the company has been one of the notable bike designers and manufacturers.

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