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Genesis 26″ V2100 Mountain Bike -2022 Best Entry-Level Mountain Bike

A good mountain bike should possess superb features and wonderful specifications. However, finding the mountain bike that suits your intended need will require great patience.

You may encounter difficulties when looking for a good mountain bike. Nevertheless, it is better to take your time to search and then find one that will give you tremendous satisfaction than to rush the process only to end up regretting your decision in the end. Notwithstanding, Genesis 26″ V2100 Men’s mountain bike may be the bike you’ve been searching for. It is a cost-effective mountain bike that offers amazing qualities to make your riding experience an awesome one.

Therefore, this article will supply you with information on this bike. In addition, you will get to know more about mountain bikes. Hence, be relaxed and take your time while you enjoy reading this article.

Genesis 26″ V2100 Mountain Bike Specifications

The table below contains the specifications of the Genesis 26″ V2100 Men’s mountain bike.

FrameAluminum MTB frame with 4-box linkage
HandlebarsSteel riser MTB handlebars
ForkSuspension fork with 80mm travel
Rear ShocksCoil rear shocks with 80mm travel
Front DerailleurShimano front derailleur
Rear DerailleurTourney TZ40 SIS rear derailleur
Rear disc brakeTourney TZ40 SIS rear derailleur
Brake LeversShimano EF40 integrated aluminum brake levers
RimsAlloy black 26” x 1.5” rims
SaddleVelo black Padded saddle
TiresNTB 26” x 2.1”

• Other Specifications are
• Full Suspension bike
• Shimano EF40 21 – Speed
• Alloy micro adjust 27.2 x 300mm seat post with quick–release
• A – head TD563k – 8 EXT 100mm 15D stem
• KXC Chain
• Designed for height 5’2” and up

Brand Genesis
ColorSlate Gray
Manufacturer Part Number92668
ManufacturerKent International Inc

Genesis 26″ V2100 Mountain Bike Features

This bike’s features are explained in detail below.


The aluminum frame of this bike is solid (strong and stiff). This means the frame will not succumb to breakage when you sit on its saddle. Also, this frame will last for a long time with proper maintenance.

The manufacturers of the Genesis 26″ v2100 bike adopted a versatile design of a four-sided bar linkage. This linkage connects the chain stay, seat stay, rocker, and seat tube. The connection between these components forms a four-sided shape that is strong and difficult to deform. Hence, you don’t have to entertain any worries because this bike can hold your weight.

However, this bike has a weight capacity of 300 pounds. You may ask, what does weight capacity mean? Weight capacity, likewise known as load capacity, is the maximum load a bike can conveniently carry. In other words, you should not over-labor the bike with loads.

Therefore, you should endeavor not to put loads greater than 300 pounds on the bike so that the structure of the bike’s frame will not be compromised. In addition, the frame is lightweight for improved acceleration when climbing hills.


Genesis 26″v2100 fork is aluminum. This bike is regarded as a full-suspension mountain bike; that is, it has both front and rear suspensions. Its front and rear suspensions are located in the fork and rear parts of its frame and wheel, respectively.

Hence, even though the rear suspensions are not located in the bike’s fork, these two suspensions work together so that you can achieve a smooth, comfortable, and balanced ride. Nevertheless, if this bike were to be a hardtail mountain bike, it would have only front suspensions.

Another important thing is the bike’s fork travel. The travel, likewise called suspension of travel, is the amount of force and shocks that its suspension can absorb or compress. Thus, its fork travel is 80mm.


Handlebars can be available in various materials. They are steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber. However, this bike’s handlebars are available in steel. The material steel is cheap and durable.

Its steel handlebars give an excellent feel to the hands and promote a good hand grip. The handlebar rise improves your riding posture; thus, it ensures you have a satisfactory bike performance.


The 3X7 drivetrain represents a triple chainset (chainrings) connected to a 7-speed cassette. This results in a 21-speed gear configuration that offers several benefits. These benefits are:

• It offers a variety of gear options for you to select from
• It ensures adaptation in different rough terrains
• It enables you to switch easily to different gears

You can hardly find a 21-speed gear configuration mountain bike that shares a similar price range to the Genesis v2100 bike. Hence, this bike allows you to enjoy this feature at an affordable price.


The two manual shifters ensure that you can easily switch to different gears. As you ride through several rough trails, you must select the appropriate gear using your shifters.

For this reason, they play a vital role in preserving your bike’s stability as you ride through these terrains. Additionally, your bike shifter is a significant feature for a smooth ride during the ascent and descent of hills.


This bike has a unique brake design which comprises disc brakes as its front brakes and V-brakes as its rear brakes. Although disc brakes have a better brake performance, they both give good braking responses and are easy to maintain.

Also, disc brakes have currently become widely accepted and preferred because of their excellent braking efficiency.
Nevertheless, that does not write off V- brakes. They perform excellently and form a good working combination with disc brakes.

These brakes are responsible for deceleration when riding normally and descending hills. Thus, they gradually bring your bike to a stop and ensure you land safely.


The 26 X 2.1 tires, which means a wheel diameter of 26 inches by a tire width of 2.1 inches, have good traction.
Furthermore, these tires make good contact with the ground even when encountering bumps. Hence, these tires do not skid (lose grip on the ground) when they come in contact with the rough and bumpy road parts.

Moreover, these tires are best suitable for a particular height range. For a better understanding, you can refer to the table below. It represents different wheel sizes and their respective rider height ranges.

Bicycle Sizing Chart for Genesis V2100 26” Mountain Bike

Wheel SizeWheel Size
(inches)( feet/ inches)
122’0” and up
163’2” and up
183’8” and up
204’2” and up
244’6” and up

Pros And Cons


Superb Aluminum Frame

The aluminum frame contributes immensely to the reduction of the bike’s weight. The full suspensions add weight to this bike, but it maintains an overall weight of 45 lbs because of its lightweight frame. Also, this frame is strong and will last long with proper maintenance.

Full Suspension

A full suspension, also called a dual suspension, has front and rear suspensions, which absorb shocks as you ride through the roughness of the terrain. As a consequence, they preserve your overall health.

This full-suspension mountain bike prevents you from having body aches. It also ensures you have a balanced ride. Thus, they prevent you from sustaining injuries by absorbing the shocks that can cause you to fall off your bike.

Although some riders prefer hardtail mountain bikes, these bikes can not endure vigorous mountain riding like full suspension bikes.

Its 21-Speed Gear Configuration

Its 21-speed gear configuration is an advantage because it is hard for you to find mountain bikes that are cheap and have this gear configuration.

Other Benefits Include
• Tires with good traction
• Easy gear shifting


The Pedals Are Liable To Break

The pedals of this bike can break if you apply much force when pedaling. It may be difficult at first to learn how to pedal with the required amount of force. Nonetheless, you can get used to it with constant practice.

But if you do not want to go through that stress, you can purchase stronger, more durable, and more efficient pedals. You can consider nylon pedals if you do not know any. Make sure you get the pedals that guarantee a comfortable and happy ride.

Gears Can Skip Teeth

Its gears can skip teeth as you ride. This is the effect of not maintaining the gears of your bike properly. This could be dangerous when climbing or descending hills, steep areas, or slopes. So, if you want to avoid this, you need to properly and regularly maintain them.

Is The Genesis V2100 26″ Mountain Bike Worth Buying?

Yes, it is a good mountain bike, and it is worth purchasing.
Alongside the advantages of this bike explained above, other reasons make this bike worth investing in.

It Is A Good Bike For Exercise

Most fitness bikes are expensive bikes. However, this bike is not expensive, yet it is a good exercise bike. You don’t have to worry about the stress and pressure you will subject the bike to during exercises because it is well built to overcome the stress.

So, you can buy this bike for the primary purpose of keeping fit and exercising. Additionally, it is not costly to maintain, and you can buy its spare parts for a cheap price when needed.

It Is A Good Gift For Teenagers

If you are a parent, you can purchase this bike for your teenage children. Most teenagers have the required height to ride this bike comfortably.

Furthermore, this bike will give them an exciting ride. Also, it will eliminate boredom and ensure they are engaged in something productive. It improves their physical strength and confidence.

It Is A Reliable And Comfortable Bike

A bike is considered reliable when it performs well on a consistent level. This comfortable bike ensures you are relaxed and saves your stamina.

It Is A Versatile Bike

Genesis 26″ v2100 bike is a versatile bike. This means you can use it on different terrains. It performs well in less strenuous or strenuous mountain bike riding.


This affordable bike comes with these outstanding features. They are a solid aluminum frame, a 3X7 drivetrain, good handlebars, great shifters, full suspension, amazing tires, and an excellent braking system.

Considering these features, we can say that this bike is a good investment. Furthermore, you can gift this bike to a teenager and use it for exercise, and it is a good bike for first-time users.

It is a wonderful thing when you experience immense joy and satisfaction after riding a bike. Hence, if you want this to become your experience, you can try the Genesis 26″ v2100 bike today.

People Also Ask

What Is The Weight Of The Genesis V2100 26″ Bike?

Genesis v2100 26″ bike weighs 45 lbs (20 kg).

Where Is Genesis Bike Company Located?

Genesis bike company is located in the United Kingdom

Who Are The Owners Of Genesis Bikes?

H Young Holdings own Genesis bikes

Can I Mount Racks And Fenders On My Genesis V2100 26″ Bike?

It would help if you met an expert that would guide you in choosing the racks and fenders that will be compatible with the bike. Racks and fenders are components of great benefits; thus, mounting them on your bike is a good idea.

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