Are BMX Bikes Fast? (Well Detailed Info)

When it comes to speed on rough terrain, off-road, or on-ramp, BMX bikes are fast and great. For riders who are fun with performing tricks such as bunny hops, tail whips, and 180s with an emphasis on freestyle riding, BMX bikes are the best.

Most people are curious about how fast BMX bikes are compared to other bikes like mountain bikes, road bikes, cruiser bikes, city bikes, and others. Some are more concerned if its size has nothing to do with its speed or not. All the same, both question is, are BMX bikes fast?

Are BMX Bikes Fast?

Are BMX Bikes Fast?

The average maximum speed of BMX bikes is 35mph ( 56kph ) when descending a starting race ramp, while other bikes, like mountain bike, is 30mph ( 48kph ) when cycling downhill. However, the maximum speed of a BMX depends on the rider’s experience and the terrain.

Most importantly, research has proven that BMX bikes are faster than mountain bikes, city bikes, beach cruisers, and electric bikes, despite their size. Therefore, if you’re looking for a fast off-road bike, get a BMX bike.

Before moving further, let’s explore the ability of the BMX bike if it’s a good bike for you.


Designed and built in the early 70s, BMX has been the most popular bicycle for dusty tracks and dirt jumps which has been common among youths ever since. They are designed for off-road racing and stunt work. Because they’re small, they can be great for kids. Therefore, without argument, BMX bikes are good.

Nonetheless, there are some components and features that make a standard BMX bike

Steel and Aluminum frame

BMX bikes can either be steel or aluminum frames. Depending on your choice, you can either go for a steel or aluminum frame. Steel frames are stronger and more durable than aluminum frames, while aluminum frames are lighter and more affordable than steel.

Moreover, aluminum frames are not prone to rust, and it takes less energy to accelerate them. However, you can choose the BMX frame that works for you most.

Standard 20″ wheel size

If you want a standard BMX bike, go for 20″ wheel size. The size is suitable for off-road riders and for riders who want to improve their maneuverability skill and perform tricks such as bunny hops and tail whips.

Average 21″ top tube

If you want to choose a BMX bike, go for 21″ top tube. This matters if you’re a trail rider. The size is suitable for a stable and comfortable ride when jumping large jumps. Moreover, the size is easier to hop, spin, and maneuver than other top tube sizes.

Wide platform plastic pedals

Another thing to consider before getting a BMX bike is wide platform plastic pedals. They are suitable for easy grip compared to metal pedals. And, if you want race bikes, go for clip-in pedals. Clip-in will allow your feet to be positioned in the same spot every time you jump on your bike.


Even though BMX bikes are fast, some factors are responsible for how fast they can go. These include:

Level of Experience

When it comes to riding fast on BMX bikes, your level of experience matters; as it is known that riding BMX bikes require some techniques, you can’t compare the biking speed of a professional BMX rider with a beginner. It only takes an experienced biker to reach 30 – 35 mph.

Therefore, as experience is one of the determinants of how fast BMX bikes can go, you should focus on increasing your experience to meet up with top speed.

Type of Terrain

Another thing that matters is the type of terrain you’re cycling. BMX moves faster on some terrains compared to others. You can’t compare the speed you will hit on dirt tracks, pavements, and bicycle parks to gravel roads and forest trails.

Nature of the Terrain

The type of terrain is not enough, the nature also matters. Firstly, the maximum speed of 35mph can only be attained when descending a race ramp, not ascending uphill or flat surface.

Moreover, the distance you’re to cover on the terrain also matters. You might be unable to maintain the top speed over a long distance before getting exhausted.

BMX Bike Type

What the majority don’t understand is that there are two major types of BMX bikes, race BMX and freestyle BMX. Both were designed for a different purposes. Race BMX bikes are designed for sprinting, while freestyle BMXs are designed for stunts.

Therefore, you can’t compare the top speed of Race BMX with Freestyle BMX. At least when Race BMX is hitting 30 – 35 mph, freestyle will be hitting 6 – 9 mph.


Though BMX bikes are perfect for riding as a sports bike, you need to understand these tips if you want your BMX bike to go faster.

Clean Your Bikes Regularly

Regularly cleaning your BMX bike makes it faster and boosts its smooth running. Because they are lightweight, they quickly run on dirt and mud, and this interferes with the smooth running of the tires and slows down the speed. That’s why you must clean your bike after use.

Adjust the Saddle height

If you want to ride faster on your BMX bike, you must adjust your saddle height. It helps you to pedal comfortably and increase your overall speed

Typically, BMX seats are low. In that case; you need to know your height and leg length to determine if you will increase the saddle height.

Lubricate the Chain Regularly

Regular lubrication of your BMX bike chain will reduce friction and increases the smooth running of the bike. If you’re using your BMX bike regularly, you should lubricate it at least once every month. The bicycle Tutor recommended this.

Adjust Tires Pressure

The lower the tire pressure, the higher the friction and slow the bike will go. Likewise, if you over-pump the tires, it will be hard for you to control the bike.

It would help if you balanced the pressure to something like (80 – 90psi) to attain top speed.

Adjust the Gears

Adjusting the gears can also increase your average speed on BMX. Though BMX has only one gear, you should adjust it.

Check your wheels

You have to check your wheels and make sure they spin perfectly. You can do this by consistently removing dirt and other hindrances that might disallow the wheels to rotate very well.

Adjust Pedal Tension

You have to adjust the spring tension of the pedal before riding. If the spring tension is low, the cleats may release accidentally. In the same way, if the spring tension is high, you can’t easily release the cleats. Therefore, you need to balance the string tension to allow the easy grip of your shoes on the pedals.

Maintain the Bike

Generally, you have to maintain your bike. Make sure that all the parts of your bike are in alignment. Don’t just park your bike anywhere.


You must know that increasing your BMX bike speed doesn’t only depend on the bike alone, but you have to work on yourself also. In another way, reaching top speed depends on your level of experience.

Therefore, to become an expert BMX rider and reach the top speed, you must consider these tips.

Break less often

If you want to hit the top speed on BMX, you have to break less often. This will not only help you to reach the maximum speed but also improve your riding skill.

Do Regular Training

There is no way you can improve your skill without doing regular training. You have to keep riding every day, and you must know that as you’re doing that, you improve. It takes endurance to be an expert BMX rider.

Moreover, there are several ways you can do your training. One of them is virtual biking games like Zwift and others. You can also do some exercise to improve your stability.

Develop Personal Motivation

What will make you consistent in your training is your motivation. You don’t necessarily need external motivation because you’re the one that knows your focus and target. Therefore, you have to keep trying until you reach the top speed.

Ride with others   

It’s not only boring to ride alone but exhausting also. One of the essences of riding with others is to gain motivation and suggestions on riding. You will indeed have people that are better than you and can tell you what to do and how to do it.

Moreover, riding in a group might not let you get exhausted easily, and you have an opportunity for competition. So, consider riding with friends.

Wear tight clothes

Another way to ride faster on BMX is to wear tight clothes. You have to avoid big clothes which might create wind drag when riding. Therefore, go and get tight and fitting BMX clothes.

Bend slightly always

Because BMX bikes are small, you must consistently bend your back when riding. This will help you press the pedal comfortably and hold the handle firmly.


Many people are desperate to know the fastest between BMX and mountain bikes. This has led to an argument between different riders. That’s why this question is always raised, are BMX bikes faster than MTB?

Typically, BMX bikes are faster than MTB when riding downhill, racing tracks and pavements, while MTB are faster on rocky trails, loose dirt, and rough areas. BMX can hit the maximum speed of 35mph/56kph downhill, while MTB can hit 30mph/48kph.

Though both BMX and MTB are designed for climbing and downhill riding, there are some slight differences between them.

  • MTB has bigger wheels, which make it easier to use over obstacles, while BMX has smaller wheels.
  • MTB is bigger than BMX.
  • BMX has only one gear, while MTB has many gears.
  • BMX can ride faster downhill on racing tracks and pavements, while MTB can ride faster on rocky trails, loose dirt, and rough areas.
  • BMX is not good for cruising compared to MTB.

The table below shows the maximum speed of BMX, MTB, and other bike types:

Bike TypesMaximum Bike Speed (mph)Maximum Bike Speed (kph)
BMX Bikes35mph56kph
Mountain Bikes30mph48kph
Road Bikes50mph80kph
City Bikes20 – 25mph32 – 40 kph
Electric Bikes28mph45kph
Gravel Bikes30mph48 and above kph
Cruiser BIkes15mph29kph
Fitness Bikes25mph40kph

From the table above, you discovered that the maximum bike speed of BMX bikes and MTB bikes are 35mph/56kph and 30mph/48kph, respectively. That is only possible when you’re descending a starting race ramp.

Moreover, BMX bikes are faster than all the bikes in the table above except Road bikes. That shows that descending a hill, Road bikes are 15mph/24kph faster than BMX bikes. Nonetheless, the range of the speed depends on the skill of the rider and the terrain at use.



No, you will not enjoy the ride, and you will get exhausted easily. BMX is designed with short wheelbases, lower tires, and a single gear system. All these are enough to make it hard for riders to cover a long distance. In addition, BMX bikes are small and their seat is small compared to other bikes.


No, BMX bikes are not designed for streets or commuting. They’re designed for off-road, stunt, and rough terrain. Instead, you can use a road bike or mountain bike for commuting. You can even install a carrier or rack at the back.


Yes, BMX bikes are so good for uphill. It’s always exciting riding with BMX on hills. They are also suitable for rough terrain and riders that like to perform bunny hops, tail whips, and 180s.


If you’re looking for a bike that is faster on rough terrain, off-road, and on-ramp, BMX bikes got you covered. All you have to do is to ensure proper maintenance of the bike and make sure you train yourself to be able to hit the maximum speed.

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