What Is 700x32c Tire Size In Inches? (Best Answer)

Want to know the quick and simple answer? 700x32c tire size in inches amounts to 27 ½’’ by 1 ¼’’, or 1.26’’ to be precise. So, if you’re crossing over to another sizing system, it should be pretty accurate, right? WRONG.

In all honesty, we would simply recommend sticking to your own tire size system instead of attempting to convert to inches. This is because tire size conversions don’t always work out. Sure, the calculations might be accurate on paper, but in reality, they will be bizarrely incorrect. This is because of the technical differences between the ETRTO, imperial and metric sizing systems. Read ahead to know more.


What Does 700x32c Tire Size Mean?

If you have a tire size that reads 700x32c, it means that your tire is using the metric sizing system. This is also called the French sizing system and comes with alphabetical letters such as c or b. Do the letters really mean anything? NOT REALLY.

These are just remnants of an old sizing system where they would measure sizes from a to d. So it’s not really relevant from a contemporary point of view. You’d think that they would get rid of it by now, but apparently not. So whether you like it or not, you’re stuck with some letters here and there. Just try to ignore them.

On the other hand, you could acknowledge the “c” as a means of identifying road bike tires. That’s because most road bikes will often have the letter c if they come in metric sizing. However, even in this case, it’s not always 100 % accurate. So, we can’t really use it as an official tell-tale sign.

How Are The Sizing Systems Measured?

When it comes to bike tires, only the imperial sizing system measures the dimensions in inches. On the other hand, the metric and ETRTO systems measure everything in millimeters. Now, if you aren’t someone who is comfortable with millimeters, you might want this figure converted into inches for more clarity.

So naturally, you’ll want to know what 700x32c tire size in inches amounts to, and the internet will give you a seemingly correct answer. However, when you apply this calculation in reality, you will be shocked by the result.

Metric To Imperial Sizing, Does The Shoe Fit?

It absolutely does not. Bikers who have tried to convert from a metric or ETRTO size into imperial have learned this the hard way. The experiment almost never turns into a success.

But why is that? Shouldn’t the tires be accurate to the sizing no matter what system they use? In a perfect world, yes, but in reality, there are deeper factors that are at play. One which has nothing to with the bikers themselves but everything to do with the biking administration.

You see, the top dogs in the biking industry just can’t agree with each other on what size system to use. The ETRTO system was implemented to bring a stable and unidimensional aspect to this; however, it didn’t really work out. At the end of the day, organizations will do whatever they want for their own agendas. Who cares what the actual bikers want? We’re all measly plebs anyway.

But wait, if we can look at a chart and find out what a 700x32c tire size in inches amounts to, why is the actual measurement all wrong?

Well, that would be because of a teeny tiny thing called ‘competition.’ You see, tire manufacturers have to compete against each other in a limited market. So, they often try to outdo the competition by using a few tricks up their sleeves. Some manufacturers will even resort to slicing off some rubber thickness from the diameter or width of the tire. Needless to say, the results are frustrating.

So, converting a 700x32c tire size to inches will definitely amount to 27 ½’’x1 ¼’’ on paper. However, this will never actually match up in reality, so don’t try it unless you want to waste your money. Just keep it simple; if your tire size is in metric, stick to a metric replacement, it’s as easy as that. There’s really no reason for you to go out of your way and switch over to a different size system. You’ll have better luck counting the number of cows on a dairy farm.

Choosing Inner Tube Size For Road Bike

Riding your road bike along the spacious and welcoming streets is always an awesome way to spend time. At least until you get your tire tube punctured, then it’s a whole different story. Needless to say, you’ll need to replace the entire inner tube.

But if you’re new to this, you might be wondering what size inner tube for road bike would be accurate. Thankfully, the answer isn’t as complicated as converting between sizing systems.

As we mentioned before, road bike tires are usually marked with the letter ‘c’ in the metric sizing system. So, if you have a bike tire size that says 700x32c, you will need a 700 c tube.

If you’re measuring your tire’s diameter from bead seat to bead seat, it will mostly come up to around 622mm. That is the exact measurement of a 700c tube, so these will fit into your road bike tires without any issues. On a side note, these tubes are also referred to as 28-inch tubes, you know, for all you inch lovers out there.


Figuring out your inner tube size is definitely more simple than figuring out what 700x32c tire size in inches amounts to. That’s because, unlike the latter, this issue actually has a universally accepted formula that works.

Biking isn’t meant to be complicated; it’s all about letting go and enjoying the breezy wind as you drift past the street. It’s definitely not about calculating tire sizes across three different sizing systems, most of which aren’t even accurate.

So, don’t risk switching over to a different sizing system and ending up with something you can’t use. If you’re buying a new tire, just stick to the exact number that reads on your current tire.

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