700c Wheels To Inches (Detailed Answer!)

If you have a bike with a wheel size of 700c and you are trying to find the right tire size, then you are in the right place. By the end of this article, you will know what 700c to inches is and what size of tires and inner tubes you should use on your 700c wheel. So let’s dive in.

Let’s give you a straight-to-the-point answer. A 700C wheel will have an external diameter of 700mm, which converts to 27.5 inches. So the answer to the question is that wheel size 700c in inches is 27.5 inches.

However, that doesn’t define the whole picture. You could get a 27.5-inch tire and inner tube and put it on the 700c wheel, which might still not fit in. It is because of a lot of different reasons that we are going to discuss today.

We will also discuss if 700c wheel size is good for you and why.

700c to inches

Little History About Bike Tires And Measurements

Bicycle tires come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and types. With different combinations, one could get hands with the diverse bicycle types and experience multifarious rides according to one’s needs.

Earlier on, each country had its measuring system. There was confusion about the bike sizes, mainly due to the difference between imperial and metric units. And to solve this issue and make this process uniform across all countries, a body called ETRTO, also known as European Tire and Rim Technical Organization, was formed. It was soon then licensed by ISO (International Standard Organisation).

Before the intervention of ETRTO, the old French system used to denote wheel size in the form of the tire’s outside diameter and the width measurement. For example, if we take 700C, 700 would represent diameter in mm, and C would be referred to as the width of the tire as A, B, and C.

As time passed, ETRTO formed, and it soon replaced the old French measurement system. However, the bike sizes are still referred to by the old system in some parts of the world.

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What Size Is A 700c Wheel In Inches?

A wheel size 700c in inches would have a diameter of 27.5 inches. You will have to find a suitable tire and the inner tube for the wheel size in 27.5 inches.

Below we explain the terminology behind the coding of the bike size. We also explain what size of tires and tubes you should be getting for a 700c (27.5 inches) wheel and when you should buy them.

What Is 700c To Inches?

First of all, you will need to check what size of bike tire you have. Generally, you can see the tire size code on the tire’s sidewall.

For example, let’s say you have got a 700cx32 tire size.

Now let’s break down each letter and number and see what it means.

  • The 700 number means the diameter of the tire in millimetres. Generally, this diameter is considered the external diameter of the tire.
  • c comes from the old french system of denoting bike sizes. You can see letters from a (thinnest) to d (thickest). This letter may appear right after either the diameter of the tire or the width of the tire.
  • X denotes multiplication. It doesn’t have any significance, though.
  • Now the 32 means the width of the bike tire in millimetres. The width can vary between 23 and 50 mm depending upon the diameter as well as the purpose of the ride.

Note- The use of the letters a,b,c, and d to denote the tire’s width has now become obsolete. However, the letter c has now become the synonym for the 24.5-inch bike wheels in recent times, often referred to as 700c wheels.

I hope we have answered to the question of how many inches are equivalent to 700c tires.

Why Is 700C Wheel Size Good For You?

For most of the parts, combining 700C wheels with 700C tires will make the riding smooth and easy for you with optimal efforts.

This wheel size makes it easy for the rider to move faster and tackle obstacles easily. 700C wheel size could be ideal for riding bicycles in rugged terrains like mountains where one is aiming for high speed and expecting to have great control over the bike.

You can also choose the width of the 700c bike according to your purpose. That makes it great for bike lovers to customize their rides according to their needs.

Another great benefit of 700C wheels is that they work great against the bump and act very well as shock absorbers.

Also, the 700C bike wheel is pretty standard in the market now, and you will see 700C size even in hybrid tires these days. So you won’t be going wrong with the 700C size.

How To Choose The Right 700c Bike Tire For Your Bike?

Now that you know the size code of your tire, it’s time now to choose the perfect tire from our recommended list. Generally, you can sort the tire sizes according to the surface you will ride. For this instance, we have a tire size of 700 mm or 27.5 inches. The diameter (27.5 inches) will remain the same, but the tire’s width will depend on you and what surfaces you will ride the bike on.

If You Are Going To Ride The Bike On Smooth Surfaces:

If you ride the bike on smooth pavements and surfaces like roads, you should look for width size from 23-30 mm. This width is ideal as it is narrower, and you likely don’t need a wider tire for smooth surfaces. Another benefit is that you can go faster and will be able to maintain your average biking speed. Since the texture is softer, it’s apparent to use narrower tires, and there’s less traction due to the narrower width.

If You Are Going To Ride The Bike On Uneven Surfaces Or Off-Road Tracks

If you are planning to ride the bike through heavy terrains, off-road trails, and mountains, you should probably look for tire width size above 30 up to 50 mm. As the general rule of thumb, it’s always better to use wider tires if you want to take your ride on uneven surfaces. The wider the tire, the better grip it will have and the easier it would be to steer across the heavy terrain and gravel surfaces. It’s also easier for the rider to apply brakes. And the chances of falling off the bike are reduced too.

How To Choose Perfect Inner Tube For 700c Bike Tire?

Inner tubes are generally easy to choose. It doesn’t matter much when it comes to the size of the inner tube. You could pick any good quality inner tube, and it could fit in a variety of bike tires. Just ensure you are getting an inner tube approximately the diameter of the tire for apparent reasons. Suppose there’s a considerable difference in the diameter of the inner tube and tire. In that case, the tube won’t fit in.

Apart from the diameter of the inner tube, the most crucial part is how much air you fill in the tube. You can blow more air for the broader tires suitable for gravel surfaces and heavy terrains. While keeping less air in the tube for narrower tires is ideal for smooth and even textures.

However, keep in mind that the diameter of the tube will remain the same no matter how much air you fill in. So make sure to get the same diameter of the tube you have for the tire.

Let’s say you have got a tire with a code 700x28c.

Choose a tube with a 700 mm diameter. And for the width part, which is 28 here, you can get the size between 25 to 30 mm. It is the accepted tolerance as you can adjust the air in the tube. The more you fill in, the more suitable it will become for off-road riding.

Can You Put 700c Tires On 26 Inch Bike?

The answer to this question is no. If you have a bike with 26-inch wheel size, you can’t put a 700c tire to the 26-inch wheel simply because they are incompatible.

The inner diameter of the 26-inch bike is 560 mm, and the outside diameter is 26.2 inches; that’s why they are called 26-inch wheels.

As for the case of 700c tires, the inner diameter, also known as BSD, is 630 mm on average, while the outside diameter is 700 mm.

BSD (Bead Seat Diameter) is the prominent factor that decides whether a tire can fit on a particular rim. BSD is reffered as inner diameter.

The difference in BSD (Inner Diameter) between the 700c Tires and the 26-inch rim is around 70 mm. And this is why it’s impossible to put a 700c tire on the 26-inch bike.

Simply put, 700c tires are too big to fit on the 26-inch wheel.

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How To Change A Bike Tire And Tube?

Now you know the tire size and have also decided which tires and inner tubes you want to replace. It’s time now to visit any local bicycle shop and get it replaced or, better yet, see how you can do it for yourself.

Here are the things you need to replace the tire and the inner tube.

  • New tire and inner tube according to wheel size
  • Set of Tire levers
  • Pump to fill the air in the tube
  • Put bicycle on one side with its chain facing up. It is essential as you can not remove the wheel without putting the bicycle down. There are high chances that the bike will fall while removing the wheel. And doing this will damage the chains too. So it is advised to put the bicycle down facing the chains above. Learn more about Bicycle maintenance here.
  • You can also put the bicycle upside down as an alternative option, but doing so will damage your handlebars. Another alternative would be to purchase an upright bike stand that will keep the bicycle suspended as you work on it.
  • Now that you have placed the bike down look for the quick release lever. If your bicycle is modern and you have bought it recently, you can find the quick-release lever in the middle of the bicycle wheel. Pull it and rotate the lever anticlockwise to remove it.
  • If you don’t have a quick-release lever, you can use a wrench to loosen the nuts of the wheel. There are nuts on both sides of the wheel. Put the bike on the opposite side and remove the nut. Use a 15mm wrench to remove or fit the bicycle wheel.
  • Before removing the wheel off the bike, detach the cables from the wheel. Most of the time, brake cables get disconnected with the removal of the quick-release lever. If they don’t come, you can press the vertical bars on the brakes to release the brake wires.
  • Now pull the wheel off the bicycle frame. Once removed, you can place the wheel on the ground.
  • Since we will use new tires and the tubes, you can discard or recycle the old tire.
  • Take a tube, remove the dust cap from the air valve, and use the pump to fill the air in. Fill the tube partially so it can take the tire’s shape. Now put the tube in the tire slowly. Ensure the tube follows the tire’s shape and there are no bends while putting the tube inside the tire. Place the tube inside the tire slowly, align the air valve, and insert it through the hole in the wheel.
  • Now put the wheel back into the bike frame. Fill the air in the tube using a pump. Fill in the air as required.
  • Repeat the same process for another wheel. So that’s pretty much it.


To sum it up, everything again, 700c inches is equal to 27.5 inches. In 700C, 700 stands for the external diameter of the tire, which is 700 mm. And if we convert it into inches, it becomes 27.5 inches.

We hope you liked the information about wheel size 700c in inches. We also hope that you have now understood the meaning of different terms used to denote the tire size and width. We have also tried to cover what tire size and tube you should purchase and for what reasons.

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