27.5 Inch Bike For What Size Person? (Detailed Answer)

27.5 Inch Bike For What Size Person

Out of many things you should consider before getting a bike is the size of the bike to your height, either by feet or inches. This is essential to know the suitable or the most fitted bike you can use for comfort and easy maneuverability.

For example, you can not expect a 4 or 5 years kid with 4 feet tall to ride a 27.5-inch bike comfortably likewise an adult with 7 feet tall to ride a 20-inch bike comfortably, except BMX expert rider who can skillfully ride 20 inch BMX bike. Nonetheless, comfortability can not be guaranteed.

Therefore, when it comes to riding a 27.5-inch bike, your size should be more considered than anything. Let’s dive into the question, 27.5-inch bike for what size person?

27.5-Inch Bike For What Size Person?

A 27.5-inch bike is more suitable for adults between 5’2″ and 5’10”. However, a 12+ years old child taller than 59″ (150cm) can also ride a 27.5-inch bike comfortably, but if shorter, a 24-inch bike is preferable.

Most importantly, to know if a 27.5-inch bike is suitable for you, you must compare your inseam length (the distance from the uppermost part of your thin to your ankle) and stand over height (the distance between the ground and the top of the top tube of the bike).

If your inseam length inches is more than the stand-over height of a 27.5-inch bike, the bike is a good fit for you, but otherwise, you’re advised to choose a 26-inch bike or lesser. In addition, to ride on a 27.5-inch bike comfortably, your leg inseam must reach at least 26 – 31″ (61 – 78 cm) or 27 – 32″ ( 66 – 78 cm ).

Most don’t know what a 27.5-inch bike is and how it emerged. Therefore, before going further, let me explain what a 27.5-inch bike is in detail.

What Is A 27.5-Inch Bike?

Hearing the word 27.5-inch bike, the first thing that might come to your mind is if 27.5 inches is the frame size of the height of the bike. That’s not correct. But instead, a 27.5-inch bike refers to the bike’s wheel size. So, anytime you hear 27.5-inch, 26-inch, or 27-inch bikes and others, they’re talking about the bikes’ wheel size.

27.5-inch bike is a mountain bike known as “Tweener“. The bike size fits in between 26-inch wheels and the 29ers. You can cover your average biking speed using a 27.5-inch bike because it accelerates faster, and its wheels make it easier to navigate through tight and tricky trails.

Moreover, it has optimized rear suspension, shorter chainstays, and tube stems for more accessible and smoother maneuvering.

History Of 27.5-Inch Bike

The 27.5-inch bike was introduced and designed by famous bicycle designer Kirk Pacenti in 2007. The primary focus of Pacenti was to create a mountain bike that split the difference between handling control and speed. That means a mountain bike that can accelerate faster and can be controlled easily.

Not until the 2010 biking season 27.5-inch bike was unknown. Most importantly, when Nino Schurter, a famous cyclist who won the world cup at Pietermaritzburg in South Africa during the competitive bike racing map in 2012, used a 27.5-inch bike and did the same when he won a silver medal in the Olympics in London.

After Shurter’s successes, manufacturers began to develop more 27.5-inch bike options, and most major mountain bike brands now offer 27.5” bikes used by recreational bikers and professionals alike.

Who Uses A 27.5-Inch Bike The Most?

27.5-inch bike is common among recreational and competitive racers because of its speed and maneuverability compared to other mountain bikes. There are several benefits the 27.5-inch bike gives to its users.

Essentially, it’s good for off-paved roads, wooded areas, rocky terrain, and other challenging landscapes. Moreover, it can ride faster than 26-inch mountain bikes since the wheels are larger, and at the same time, it can accelerate faster and is easier to control than a 29er. That’s why some competitive racers see it as their best option.

What Age Is 27.5-Inch Bikes For?

Another common question that most people ask is the age frame for a 27.5-inch bike. Most people argue that kids can ride a 27.5-inch bike, while others are against the notion that it’s only meant for adults. Nonetheless, both are correct; the difference is just the conditions attached.

Typically, what matters the most with the uses of a 27.5-inch bike is the rider’s height, not the age. If your kid is taller than an average teen, he’s qualified to ride a 27.5-inch bike. In the same way, he might find it difficult to handle and control because 27. 5 is heavy. But if he can, he is good to go.

The Differences Between 27.5-Inch And 27-Inch Bike

The majority don’t know that there are several differences between 27.5-inch and 27-inch bikes. You might even be among the majority. However, if you’re, you need to know the differences so that next time you go shopping for a bike, you will pick the most suitable one for your need.

Moreover, the difference between 27.5-inch and 27-inch bikes is more than 0.5 inches. Notwithstanding, all these shall be explained in detail here.

The 27.5-inch bike has a bigger diameter and broader tires than a 27-inch bike, but the wheel diameter is smaller than 27 inches. This is well explicated in the table below.

Features27 inch bike27.5 inch bike
BikesRoad bikesMountain bikes
Rim Diameter27 inches27.5 inches
Tire Width25 – 27mmUp to 56mm
Wheel Diameter680 –   684mm584mm

From the table above, the significant difference between both is that a 27-inch bike is a road bike while 27.5 inch is a mountain bike. Nevertheless, there are other differences you should know. These are:

Type Of Terrain

The 27.5-inch bike is designed for off-road, while 27 inch is suitable for on-road riding since the former is a mountain bike while the latter is a road bike. You can ride a 27.5-inch bike on trails, but you can only ride 27 inches on paved roads, except if it’s a cyclocross, gravel, or touring 27-inch bike.


Since a 27.5-inch bike is a mountain bike, it comes with suspension compared to a 27-inch bike, which is not except on some occasions like LYTRON Carbon Fiber Road Bike, which has dual suspension. Though, that’s not common.

Handlebar Type

Another difference is the handlebar of both bikes. The 27.5-inch bike comes with flat bars, while the 27-inch bike comes with drop bars. The flat bars of the 27.5-inch bike make it easier for riders to be in an upright posture when riding, while 27-inch drop bars put riders in an aerodynamic position.


27.5-inch bike geometry is more like other mountain bike geometry, which makes riders sit in an upright position, compared to a 27-inch bike, which is race geometry that is more aggressive and speed-oriented.

Bike Weight

A 27.5-inch bike is more weighty than a 27-inch bike. Also, it has bigger rims than 27-inch bikes, which makes the wheels heavy, impacting the bike’s overall weight.

27.5 Vs. 29er Mountain Bike – What’s The Difference?

Both 27.5-inch and 29er are mountain bikes, but several differences differentiate one from another. Here, you will understand the differences. However, before moving further, study the table below.

Attack angleGoodBetter
FitShorter ridersTaller riders

In detail, all these features shall be explained thus:


A 27.5-inch bike is faster than a 29er MTB. This is because 27.5 has a smaller wheel size than 29er, and typically, a bike with heavier wheels requires more energy and time to get up to speed.



Regarding traction, a 29er bike is better than a 27.5-inch bike. It’s so easier for 29er to grip on slick rocks and techy rocks than 27.5 inches since its wheels are larger in diameter. So, if you want a bike with efficient traction and more contact with the ground, 29er is okay.

Attack Angle

The attack angle is the angle between the axle of the bike wheel and the object of the bike roll over. For instance, if you desire to ride over a square object, the angle between the object and the wheel is called the attack angle.


However, a 29er rolls over objects more easily than a 27.5-inch bike. This is because the 29er angle is more shallow than a 27.5-inch wheel, and the principle is that the shallower the angle, the easier the bike roll over an object.


The 27.5-inch bike is lighter than a 29er. This is because the wheel of a 29er is heavier than a 27.5-inch wheel, and the wheels contribute to the weight of a bike. For example, the wheels of a 29er weigh about 2 lbs more than 27.5 inches. Therefore, if you’re a casual rider, 29er might be good for you compared to a competitive rider who will be interested in a 27.5-inch bike.


This is one of the most significant characteristics of a 27.5-inch bike. It’s easier to control a 27.5-inch bike than a 29er. Therefore, 27.5-inch bikes are better than 29er when it comes to maneuverability. If you’re a competitive rider, it will be preferable to go for 27.5 inches since it’s easy to maneuver.


29er fits taller riders than 27.4-inch bikes. This is because the wheel size will surely affect the geometry of a bike frame and the wheel size of a 29er is more than 26.5 inches. Especially, those shorter than 5’6″ might find a 27.5-inch bike fit well, while over 6 ft. tall may prefer a 29er.


A 27.5-inch bike is easier to handle than a 29er. The flat bar handle of 27.5 inches makes this possible. The bike geometry also comes into play here, further supporting the responsiveness of the 27.5.

Benefits Of 27.5-Inch Bikes

Most riders prefer a 27.5-inch bike to other mountain bikes because its features fit their needs more than other MTB. These features are known to be the benefits of a 27.5-inch bike over others.

Therefore, the best way to describe these benefits is to compare them to 26-inch and 29-inch bikes since 27.5-inch bikes balance both. So, these are some of the benefits.

  • 27.5-inch bike is lighter than a 29er, making it easier for you to carry.
  • It’s the balanced size for most riders.
  • It accelerates faster than 29er.
  • It has better traction than 26-inch bikes.
  • Smaller riders find it more comfortable than 29er bikes.
  • It has better handling than a 29er.

Cons Of 27.5-Inch Bikes

Despite the benefits of 27.5-inch bikes, some cons make some people not choose it. These include:

  • It’s more expensive compared to some other mountain bikes.
  • Its components are not extensively available as 26ers.
  • It accelerates slower than 26er.
  • It has less traction than 29er.
  • It’s heavier than 26er.
  • It’s less maneuverable than 26er.

27.5-inch Bike Accessories

These are the recommended accessories for 27.5 bike riders that can keep you safe.

  • Frame protection tape
  • GPS, tracking tape
  • Emergency bike repair kit
  • Hydration bladder
  • Saddlebag, storage compartment
  • Puncture-proof tires.


Now, after you have duly understood what a 27.5-inch bike is and you’re convinced that it’s a suitable bike for you. Don’t hesitate to go bike shopping and get one for yourself and enjoy the comfort of mountain bike riding. However, upon getting one, you must understand the concept of bicycle maintenance to keep your bike running.

People Also Ask Questions

What Does 27.5 Inch Bike Mean?

A 27.5-inch bike is a mountain bike known as “Tweener.” Its wheels size are approximately 27.5 inches in diameter and 56 mm wide. The 27.5 inches is not the frame size nor the height but the size of the bike’s wheels.

Is A 27.5-Inch Bike For Adults? 

Yes, 27.5-inch bikes are suitable for adults between 5’2″ and 5’10”, but a tall teenager can also ride it. If you’re a teen and your height reached 5’10”, you’re good to go for 27. 5-inch bikes, but if not, a 26-inch bike should be suitable for you.

What Size Is A 27.5 Tire?

27.5 tires have an inner diameter of 584 mm and are identical to the old French size marking 650B. The width size is between 2.0 and 2.5 inches, and the outer diameter is 700 mm and 35 mm width approximately.

Which Is Faster, 27.5 Or 26er?

According to rotational inertia, large wheels hold more speed than smaller wheels. Therefore, 27.5″ is faster than 26″ wheels.

How Tall Is A 27.5-Inch Bike?

The stand-over height of a 27.5-inch bike is 27″ – 28″ and 28″ – 30″, respectively, depending on the size of your bike.

What Age Is A 27.5-Inch Bike For?

Regarding age, there is no one size fits all thing. Anyone from kids to adults can ride a 27.5 bike size comfortably. However, the rider should have a considerable height to handle the bikes properly and have a comfortable ride. 27.5-inch Bike size is generally opted for by adults. However, many kids with more height than average teenagers can go for 27.5 inches bike size.

27.5-inch bikes are best suitable for people with heights between 5.5″ to 6′. If you are shorter than 5’5″, we suggest you go with the 26′ bike size. And those who are a tad bit taller than 6′ should be looking for 29-inch bikes.

Are 27.5 Bikes Going Away?

27.5-inch bikes are not going anywhere. They are famous for their speed, traction, and top speed compared to 26-inch bikes. They are also better than 29-inch bikes regarding flexibility, agility, and quick acceleration.

Though the popularity of 27.5-inch bikes has been fading a little bit recently, there is still a long way to go to see this category disappear completely. Sure, The industry is currently moving towards 29-inch bikes, but still, 27.5-inch bikes are holding their position strong and are not going anywhere soon.

Plus, for those people who love taking their bike on off-road terrains and gravel surfaces, the 27.5-inch bike size still makes a lot of sense as it gives riders a comfortable ride on uneven surfaces. So for off-road riders, a 27.5-inch bike is still essential and will probably remain the same for the next few years.

Why Is 27.5 Better Than 29?

27.5-inch wheels are better than 29-inch wheels in some ways. 27.5 wheels do better in acceleration than 29-inch bikes. 27.5-inch wheels will help you to pick up the momentum faster. They also accelerate faster and with less effort than 29-inch bikes.

27.5-inch bike size is also more fun to ride as it offers better handling on unusual terrain and takes corner cuts more quickly than a 29er. For riding on gravel surfaces, many bikers prefer 27.5-inch bike size as they can accommodate wider tires.

On average, 27.5-inch wheels also weigh 2 lbs less than that 29er wheels. Maneuverability also matters when you are riding the bike. And in this case, 27.5-inch wheels do a better job than the 29-inch ones. If you prefer riding tight and twisty trails, you can swiftly take turns and handle your bike with a snappy feel.

Moreover, 27.5-inch wheels are still trendy in mountain bike categories. So you can’t go wrong with them.

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